Friday, July 19, 2013

Sharks Count - Divers' Guide to Sharks!

Check this out!

I say, bravo Sam and Hannah!
This is an excellent complement to their Sharks Count project and having snooped a bit, the information provided is what a typical US-based citizen scientist will likely require - not too little and not too much!
And I did like the reference to the Fiji Bull Shark!



Samantha Whitcraft said...

Thanks so much for the post! We hope it will be useful to divers to learn more about the sharks they love! Cheers.

DaShark said...

No thank YOU Sam, for all you do - indefatigably!

And talking of which.
I'm literally in the middle of writing yet another post about your activities, and I know it won't be the last one!

Samantha Whitcraft said...

Ha! You might want to keep your pencil sharpened (not that you don't already -- you most prolific shark blogger, you). The DIVERS' GUIDE TO SHARKS is going to be included in an upcoming addition of AsianDiver Magazine too!

And, next month, we have another article coming out in Scuba Diving Magazine (I believe -- fingers crossed) about the growing economic value of diving with sharks and rays...stay tuned!

DaShark said...

Looking forward to it - that is, unless you cite that horrible that horrible shark tourism paper!

And knowing you, you will, won't you...