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Thursday, September 13, 2018

Florida Land-Based Shark Fishing - Good Enough?

Yes this has happened, again - source.

Watch - story here.

Methinks this is not quite good enough.
But then again, conservation does not happen in a vacuum and will always be some compromise - so let's see how this plays out in detail. 
What I'd personally like to see, is precise rules with no more loopholes stipulating that all protected species must be released at once = zero leeway for dragging them anywhere near beaches and zero leeway for delaying the release because of taking measurements let alone pics etc - and draconian enforcement and prosecution of the transgressors!

And then there's more. 
Like I said, there are further extremely important public safety aspects that need addressing - but it's not my place to start that discussion, so keep watching this place.

Anyway, we will see will we not.
I continue to fear that the staff of the FWC will try to do the very minimum possible - but always happy to be proven wrong!
To be continued no doubt!

Saturday, September 08, 2018


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Just saw this today.

Very cool.
Those are Banded Houndsharks - story here.

Friday, September 07, 2018

NZ Cage Diving - the End?

Source - very much worth reading!

Well well well.

Read this.
So the infamous saga of those haphazard cage dives off Stewart Island appears to have come to its very much expected and I may say, very much deserved! ignominious end.
Like I said way back here, there was a need for a social license (yes Austin and Charlie!), and for outreach by the researchers - and both have been appallingly lacking. And yes, a big Thank You to the Shark pornographers - and a big honorable mention to the Ramsey chick whose inconsiderate pronouncements did further inflame the situation and torpedo the research by NIWA!

So, well done folks!
Hoping that yer fucking proud of yerselves - and considering the actors, equally hoping that this is the end of that travesty!

PS - not so fast, sez Peter Scott the enabler of all that demented Shark porn on Discovery.
Oh well then - to be continued...

PPS - ultracrepidarian garbage here - Dunning-Kruger anybody?

From the Battlefield!

For you who have been wondering.

So, I'm back - and yes it has been hard.
Anyway, it was most likely worth it, I'm on the mend and if everything goes well -which it will- I'll be diving again by December - and since in the meantime I'll be certainly bored to death, expect a flurry of new cockamamie Shark conservation projects!

Oh and thanks for all the wishes.
Much appreciated!

To be continued - and that's a promise!