Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Will the PIPA be delisted?

The visionary President with his award - maybe a tad premature?


All I can say is, it's about bloody time!
The UNESCO is finally catching on to the conservation scam that is the Kiribati Phoenix Islands Protected Area and threatening to strip it of its World Heritage status if an additional 25% of the area are not closed to fishing by the end of 2014 - notabene, to then merely reach a paltry 28% in total!

And what about Anote Tong?
Can the premature accolades and honors be unbestowed, the more that CI appears highly embarrassed and is now correcting its own PR, see the note at the bottom of this article?

Story here.
It's a great article that shows the huge benefits a totally protected PIPA would bring about - especially now that the Pacific is losing its big Fishes (paper here!).

And now that chance is being squandered for short term gain.
Yes as I said it's once again all about the money - and Tong himself sure requires heaps of it for continuing to gallivant around the world, hat in hand, trying to convince everybody that they need to pay (even more!) for climate change adaptation and the eventual resettlement of his people.

Because of course it's all our fault.
Because the problems got nothing to do with the Malthusian population explosion on South Tarawa, whereby those unchecked masses have run out of water and food, destroyed their coastline, turned the lagoon into a cesspit and subjected themselves to all kinds of unpalatable diseases - whilst happily continuing to produce babies in the face of an unemployment rate of more than 60% and the need to eventually relocate everybody abroad? Nothing new actually - read Collapse!
Yes Climate Change and Sea Level Rise are a huge issue - but how about addressing one's strictly self-inflicted domestic problems first, this starting with some vigorous family planning and relocation back to the outer islands!

With that in mid, how does this sound to you now.
Visionary - or maybe a tad hypocritical?

Just asking!

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