Saturday, July 20, 2013

Curious GWS!

Watch the same from Oz here!

Pucker Factor 9.7!
NOTE: A Pucker Factor of 10 can only be truly achieved upon death or dismemberment!

Story here!


sam cahir said...

I notice the story indicates he had just recently speared a couple of fish.....Thus I feel the pucker rating should be slightly higher at maybe 9.8

I'm lucky enough to play with GWS on a regular basis and I can tell you my own pucker would be up around the 9.9

Hard to tell but looks to be a good sized shark maybe 3 to 3.5m as well. Also rather gutsy to poke her but maybe the right thing to do under the circumstances???

Overall a pretty cool story to tell.

DaShark said...


I think the gentle prod was exactly the right thing to do - best to confront them head on, gently but firmly. Playing possum or even worse, fleeing is not a good strategy once they approach that close!