Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Hoo-doo Verbiage!?



Poor Shark Defenders!
Here they go and promote the petition by Pew (that includes a sample letter!), and even post another! sample letter - and then, they get swamped by useless Sharktivist clap trap that is not only not helpful but may actually cause harm insofar as the authorities can argue that "we" don't know what we're talking about!

I've long posted and ranted that we got to do our homework and get our facts right lest we get outed as ignoramuses all the way to being frauds and charlatans - and this is but another example of why it is necessary.

I mean, seriously!
Nobody is even asking for original thoughts here.
We all know how THAT one would turn out.

All you need to do is copy/paste and then make small changes.
Or, accept the offer and have Shark Savers do it for you.

Or even better.
Do your homework first!
Excellent talking points by Shark Savers here!

PS letters here - including a whisper by the Sharky Boo Boo!
PS2 Neil shows how to do it right in a mere two short sentences!

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