Friday, August 16, 2019

More Shenanigans with Tiger Sharks!

Shark conservation at its very best!

Here we go again.

Have you seen this?
Yeah that would be the absolute genius I referenced here.
And like all those other self promoting media whores in Ramsey's pathetic Ohana, or whatever, he is obviously a Shark whisperer. And he is obviously not molesting those perplexed Tigers for personal vanity and for camera = $$$. Instead he is, reluctantly, literally putting his life on the line for conservation, in order to dispel the myth! And to calm them down because that's obviously necessary! For the Sharks!
And incidentally, all this invaluable whispering, Shark conserving and myth-dispelling is happening smack in the middle of one of the few well enforced Shark sanctuaries where all Sharks are already fully protected!

I mean, seriously!
But worry not, it is nothing but same old same old and there really is no need to elaborate - just follow the link at the very top  and for the record, for once I agree with David 1000%!

And how about the following.
It looks like shortly after my recent post on the subject, the victim of that Tiger Shark bite has posted a third and much more graphic video of the incident.
Before the usual couch farting apologists start boring everybody with their interpretations and excuses: this is bad bad bad, and the dude is incredibly lucky that the tank took the brunt of the abuse and that he got away with only minor lacerations.
And because people don't stop asking - no it was most definitely not us, nor was it the guys down the road!

Really - what a fucking disaster.
And to think that for years, everyone there has been personally Schooled in ADORE-SANE!
Then again... :)

But I'm digressing as always.
Behold the video.

Let's go Shark diving - responsibly!

Tuesday, August 13, 2019

El Monstruo - new Videos!

 Absolutely click for amazing detail!

Awesome stuff!

The saga continues.
This remains one of my very favorite Sharks, and I was really happy to stumble across the following videos of big, beat-up and possibly pregnant females from their possible parturition and/or mating site in El Hierro  - and how about the above, among many other stellar pictures by Claude Lespagne!


Sunday, August 11, 2019

The Freshwater Megafauna, too!

Giant salamander vs Northern Water Snake - click for detail. Source.

Read this and this.

It really sucks doesn't it.
As a reminder and despite of our very best efforts, most marine species are still faring better - at least for now, tho for some cetaceans with limited geographical distribution, the writing is clearly on the wall.

Papers here and here, great slide show here.

Tuesday, August 06, 2019

Cannibal Seals - Video!


So there.

This is for our long-term readers.
Blog aficionados will remember that way back then, after having made a big hoopla about a dead Racoon, Patric made another big hoopla about a string of then unexplained grisly Grey Seal fatalities in the Northern Atlantic.

I had already put the matter ad acta, but now I find this.
Looks like Grey Seal cannibalism is more common than thought, with new evidence coming from e.g. Ireland and Germany. And I've even found a paper, and video evidence from Scotland, to wit.

*WARNING - Very Graphic Content!*
           You have been warned!

So this is it - once and for all, promise
Let's go Shark diving!

Sunday, August 04, 2019

Mako Sharks - CITES Listing?



Great job by Shawn and Riley.
I'm not really sure that from a conservation POV, Makos deserve global protection via the proposed CITES listing as I would argue that contrary to what is happening in the Atlantic, e.g. SoPac stocks are faring rather well - but I certainly advocate acting in a precautionary and proactive manner and in that sense, the NDFs mandated by CITES will certainly be helpful.
So, well done guys.

But I'm digressing as always.

Wednesday, July 31, 2019

GWS and Kelp - Video!

Click for detail.

Bingo - watch.

A while back, yours truly raised concerns about what I saw as questionable research supporting the asserted effectiveness of the infamous, kelp-bio-mimicking Shark Safe Barrier.

Well, so much for that - paper here.
I'm probably just just being my usual unscientific, badmouthing and party pooping ignoramus self - but if the original premise of the whole exercise in mimicking is essentially being shown to be a load of BS, then...?
But then again, when I read about wanting to deploy 5 rows, maybe that's irrelevant as the whole thing may ultimately just act as nothing more (but also nothing less!) than an effective physical barrier that contrary to the Shark nets and drumlines would however not be killing any sea life - and if so, it would be a good thing.

Considering the breathy (and liability-attracting!) claims of having a 100% success rate of keeping highly motivated sharks out, this is most definitely going to be continued.

Keep watching this space!

Sunday, July 28, 2019