Friday, October 18, 2019

Octopus Dreaming!

Source.- do click for detail!

Ya know, I'm just gonna post it here without further comments.

Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Galoa Village: Plastic Repurposing Workshops!


Well, what can I say.
Officially, this is being presented as a spinoff of our stellar My Fiji Shark initiative - but in reality, all the spinning has led way, way off course - to the point that this really got nothing to anymore do with Sharks and marine conservation, let alone Shark adoptions like originally envisioned. 
And yes, it is what it is - and I can certainly leave it at that!
This is now strictly a standalone project by the UNDP, SPTO and local artiste and serial waste-to-art workshop supremo Warwick Marlow where BAD and MFS play no role and also get zero benefit - but as long as this is not just an exercise in BS, and the women from our partner village Galoa are happy and get to earn an extra buck, that's perfectly fine with us!

And My Fiji Shark?
Going strong as ever, and then some! 
And as chance would have it, we're about to celebrate our one-year anniversary - and Tashi Blue has decided that this momentous occasion warrants some special celebratory offers!
So keep your eyes peeled on the MFS website and above all, on the MFS Facebook page where some announcements are forthcoming!

And most importantly.
Please, Adopt Your Shark Now!
Thank you!

Bubble-Net Feeding - Video!


Story here - enjoy!

Monday, October 14, 2019

NZ Cage Diving - the Saga continues!


Well well.

Read this.
Looks like the NZ GWS tourism industry has been granted a new lease on life. My sources tell me that  of the two operators, Shark Experience are by far the better - so good on them for having persevered and ultimately prevailed!

And Peter Scott's Shark Dive NZ? 
Thankfully they appear to have thrown in the towel for good. So here's to this being the start of smarter, more sustainable and more inclusive Shark tourism, and to the end of the horrible Shark porn those people have enabled - and worry not, they read this blog and the distaste is 100% mutual! :)

Let's go Shark diving - sustainably!

Sunday, October 13, 2019

Pyjama Shark vs Octopus!


Yeah I know it's a tad old.
But many have not yet seen it, so there.
Story here - enjoy!

Saturday, October 12, 2019

Terrifying Moment?



It is about this encounter (and incidentally, it is 100% a GWS), and the Shark could not have been more peaceful, much as per Nina's original description here.

Shame on you Daily Mail!

Thursday, October 10, 2019

Mystery Sharks from Myanmar?

Check out the above - click for detail.

So, what Sharks are those?
I took the pic at Black Rock way back then in 1998. Back then there was no digital = this would be a so-called "professional scan" of the 35mm Kodachrome 64 slide - and yes those would be fucking hairs!
Anyway, there was a massive El NiƱo that was cooking the reefs in the Indian Ocean and beyond - but the hot water there was somehow causing a freezing cold upwelling in the Andaman Sea, and we were seeing plenty of deeper water Fishes like e.g. this rather rare Pterois mombasae we found at Richelieu Rock.
Check it out, it's an awesome Fish!

In brief, we were freezing our asses but having a blast.
Richelieu Rock was pumping with the usual Whale Sharks and a whole array of unusual critters among which mating Guitarfish, Kho Bon had dozens of Zebra Sharks and the Burma Banks, the usual assemblage of Tawnies and large territorial Silvertips;  and Black Rock was overrun with Manta Rays, to the point that we decided to turn off the engine of the dinghy and use the oars for fear of hitting one. 
We put down a few fish heads and had a few Grey Reefies come nosy about, only to be scared away by these two much larger Sharks. Both females and both likely shredded by mating, they came in hot and put up a short but awesome display of strength and assertiveness, only to quickly abscond with the bait.

There was quite some debate about the species.
Ron who was obviously way more experienced thought they may have been Graceful Sharks; I was more inclined towards them being unusually large Blacktips, and actually still think they are - and if so, they would most certainly be the largest such Sharks I've ever seen as they were clearly above 2 meters long. Or could they have been large Spinners - tho if so, where are the pinnae brevis?


PS - Will confirms that they're most likely Blacktips. They look identical to Australian Blacktips (C. tilstoni) who are however strictly endemic to Australia - but thank you Julia! :)

GWS vs Kayak!

Watch - story here.
Scary as hell for sure - but getting those teeth in exchange is simply awesome!

Friday, October 04, 2019

Catching GWS in California!


Oh for crying out loud - watch.

Yup that would be a juvenile GWS.
White Sharks are protected in the USA in general and specifically, in California where this is happening, and one would think that this is unlawful and would warrant prosecution.
Regulations here.

Well, think again. 
Very much like what has been happening until recently in Florida, the authorities are apparently choosing to not intervene, or to drop the charges or levy ludicrous fines when they do - and the fishermen know that and continue to target and reel in the Sharks in quasi total impunity. 
Kudos to the indefatigable Mr. Bland for having meticulously researched the topic and published this excellent essay.

I say, it's time for some kicking of lazy bureaucrat asses - like in Florida!