Saturday, October 01, 2016

Squadron of Hope!

And talking of Mini Mantas.

This is absolutely stunning.
And if you thought that Mobulas were only filter feeders, think again!
The description reads (sic),
There's a few places that I dive and I saw it's getting better and better every year I visited. "Misool" in South of Raja Ampat is one of that places.

Thanks to Misool Eco resort who established MPA(Marine Protected Area) in the area. It changed the place from Shark's poacher campsite to be one of the best MPA in the world.

Recently year I spend time with Black and Blue Manta Liveaboard and we tried to captured one the most amazing phenomenon in Misool area.Millions and millions of Slender Silverside fish (Hypoatherina barnes) all over the reefs and created the baitball attracted lots of the predator. Long-horned Pygmy Devil Rays (Mobula eregoodootenkee) is one the most graceful ray to join this battle. A squadron of rays attacked the baitball again and again created very dramatic scene above beautiful reef in Misool.

Friday, September 30, 2016

Mini Mantas!

Behold - great job by Danny!

This has been produced for the CITES CoP.
I hear that when it comes to Fiji's proposal to list the Mobulas, things look promising - voting in Committee likely on Sunday, plenary vote possibly on Wednesday, so fingers crossed!

Enjoy - it's in 360 so watch in HD and do pan around!

Guadalupe - giant GWS!

This is the much hyped Big Blue.

And this is Tzitzimitl.
Martin who's been doing this forever and is considered the top authority on Lupe's GWS writes,
We just came back from an awesome trip to Guadalupe Island, where we encountered 33 different great white sharks in 3 days. Among them was Tzitzimitl, the biggest shark we have ever seen. She has been first seen at Guadalupe Island in 2002 and is #54 in our database. She is a very regular visitor to the island, doing the 2 year cycle that the big mature females there are known for. She has been sighted in 2002, 03, 05, 07, 12, 14 and now 2016.

Is she bigger than Deep Blue, the one some people claim is the biggest white shark ever filmed? Click on the link below for the video and judge for yourself.
So there - enjoy, and here!

Tuesday, September 27, 2016


Friendliest, most accessible and most humble guy, ever!
The man himself here, Fiji Times here!

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Tom - Interview!

Source. Interestingly, this is a subadult Blacktip Shark not a Spinner despite of the black marking on the anal fin that is diagnostic for adult Spinners. Click for detail.

Very nice!

Did I say that I like Tom?
Here he is talking about his photography, his prize and his research to a local TV station.

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Shark Attack - Video!

Watch - scary shit!

Yes that would be an ATTACK.
Not mistaken identity, not investigatory but predatory.
Yes I'm clearly speculating because it could also have been agonistic - but going for the propulsion is a typical hunting technique, and I'm sticking with my opinion.
This is a rather small animal, possibly a subadult transitioning from a piscivorous diet to also feeding on pinnipeds; and with no parents to teach it, this is likely a period of trial-and-error before, maybe, becoming more discerning - or not!

And try it certainly did!

Saturday, September 10, 2016



Indeed you did!

Sharks are not fucking underwater scooters, ever!
Thank you Michelle - well done!

Friday, September 09, 2016

The secret Life of White Sharks!


I totally support this.
Because a) Charlie is one of the good guys, because b) it involves GSD member Rodney Fox Shark Expeditions and especially, because c) this is vital research for the Shark diving industry. If you remember those papers by Barry Bruce, there were small localized effects with possible  ramifications for the fitness of the animals and the ecosystem, and Charlie is now embarking on a quest to come up with some solid evidence. 
After Richard's lastest Whitetip Reefie paper, I very much suspect that those GWS may be expending a tad too much energy on those fruitless hunts - and if so, is anybody taking bets on whether the authorities will then allow for a modicum of, gasp, proper feeding as they should? :) 

And since everybody tells me that the behavior of those GWS is miles removed from that of their placid cousins in Lupe - why isn't anybody seeing them hunt those Sea Lions?

Anyway, all very interesting.
Please do consult this page and make a contribution.

Thank you!

False Killer Whales vs Mahi Mahi!

Source - and would those be Cookiecutter Shark bites?

Source - enjoy!