Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Eli - Monster Mako!


Love it!
This is good television, and good Shark media to boot.

Big kudos to Eli for a job well done - and for the cojones, too!
Although we rarely speak and although I don't really follow what he does, the tidbits I see and read document a remarkable evolution that I cannot but applaud. In brief, he really continues to grow on me - and I must alas also add that conversely, the abject jealousy and pathetic Wadenbeissergekläffe of his serial detractors is really becoming terminally insufferable!
No no names - you know who you are!

And the bloody flipping of the Tigers?
Like I said back then, it doesn't harm the Sharks; plus, now that it has been trivialized as everybody and his dog has started to copy it, betcha that it will be phased out sooner rather than later - the more since manhandling Sharks will lead to lousy scores on SustainableSharkDiving!

But I'm digressing as always.
Enjoy the video!

PS - talking of which, look at this - amazing!

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Made in Taiwan - shocking!

This report really beggars belief.

Or maybe not so much.
It is a shocking compendium of systemic widespread poaching and shark finning (nothing new there - and here!), and appalling human abuses all the way to the well documented but never properly investigated murder at sea that made the rounds two years ago. The perpetrators remain largely unpunished as the Taiwanese authorities don't seem to give a shit - and those Taiwanese distant water fleets are still being allowed by the various Tuna RFMOs to ply their nefarious trade unscathed.
Press coverage here.

Required reading.
And bravo Greenpeace for having exposed this abomination!

Barbican Shark Diving Challenge!


Looks like Ozzie Sam has been having some fun!
This post informs us that he did some drone work, obviously from Andrew's boat where over the years, he has become sort of a fixed asset.

Nice - and nice overall messaging!
Which comes at no surprise as Andrew is a member of GSD!

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Bull Sharks in Fiji - Video!

Daniel in 2014 with the Fiji delegation when Fiji was successful in listing the Mobulas and Reef Mantas under CMS, ratified last February - source.

Daniel Fernando (great interview!) is one of the good guys.
Like us and many others who work tirelessly away from the limelight, he knows that marine conservation strategies in a developing country are miles away from what is being spouted by especially the Americans. Inevitably, instead of winner-takes-all solutions, we need to advocate for compromise positions that take into account all stakeholders inclusive of the fishing industry and especially, the interests of the grassroots communities; and contrary to all those grandiose self-congratulatory social media posts and useless petitions that suggest that this is fast and easy, progress only happens baby step by baby step, with countless setbacks and interminable waiting periods. 
Right now, as one of the Directors of the Manta Trust, Daniel is helping Fiji spearhead efforts to list the Mobulas under CITES; but in his native Sri Lanka, his Blue Resources is engaging in the task of trying to slowly help reforming the currently woefully inadequate Elasmobranch fishing regulations, something that once again must be unendingly tedious and frustrating, and thankless to boot.

Anyway, he was here.
This is video from one single two-tank dive excursion he took before participating in a CITES workshop. As I remember, conditions were not ideal - but Shark Reef always delivers, so there.

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Danny Copeland - amazing Video!



I must say that I'm fucking impressed!
No not because we're in it for having hosted Danny like so many other OWUSS scholars - but because this is a real professional, beautifully edited production, and because the dude is clearly wise far beyond his years. And yes, he has obviously found his calling and I'm really looking forward to many stellar productions featuring his name!
Very well done buddy!


Sustainable Shark Diving - Launch!

Like I said, finally!

Please do read this press release.
Rick writes,
We are live on Earth Day! After nearly 1.5 years of work, hundreds of conversations, thousands of dollars in crowd-sourced support, and countless collaborations and wishes of confidence from colleagues, friends, and strangers I am proud to put this hopefully meaningful set of tools out as an experiment in building greater environmental sustainability in the rapidly growing shark diving industry. Good for divers... Good for sharks 
And indeed it is!
Like I said back then, I was hoping it would follow Austin's suggestions, and it does; and when it comes to Industry buy-in, it most definitely already enjoys the support of many industry leaders among which, obviously, GSD.

The website, so far so good.
I'm sure Rick's friends including yours truly will pester him with suggestions for improvement - but it obviously does the job and that is the most important part. 
Finding businesses is easy (tho why two steps to get there?) and the rating process is as easy as it gets (click on the question mark to get an explanation for the different categories). Rating is the important part as it will provide a uniform and measurable assessment of the operators' performance and hopefully spur them to address any weaknesses: so forget the comments at the end which will not be visible anyway - and above all, don't just leave a comment without first engaging in the rating process as your contribution will be essentially zero! And yes you gotta register to prevent fraud - a bloody pain but remember you only gotta do it once!

So there - and now comes the fun part.
Please rate rate rate rate rate as this will be you contribution to holding us all accountable, and to hopefully direct the global Shark diving industry towards a more responsible and long term sustainable model.
We are right here - hint hint! :)


Friday, April 22, 2016

Shark Diving in Fiji - Tom's favorite Images!

Very nice indeed!

I really like Tom.
Smart and yet humble, he is endowed with limitless enthusiasm, loves and knows Sharks and is a real good photographer both topside but also underwater. When checking out his portfolio, please bear in mind that many pics have been taken in modest to atrocious conditions due to the vagaries of this year's shocking weather, making them even more remarkable.

Please check out Tom's post, and also his website.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Big Announcement forthcoming!

Yet another great pic by Allen - click for detail!


All I can say is...
No, I actually cannot - but keep watching this space! :)

Saturday, April 16, 2016

BAD Bulls of Fiji!

Great pic by Allen!

Watch in 720p, and enjoy!

Mako vs Sailfish!


Here's another one.
Not so sure about the 500 lbs but still, it's way cool.

PS: extended version here, story here.