Friday, February 05, 2016

Wallpaper Bulls!

Told you that there would be more pics!

From today's dive.
And yes those Sharks would be up to three meters long - click for detail!
Need I say more!

Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Is the Tiger Shark a coastal Species?

Click for detail!

You be the judge of that!
Brief Communication here, expanded version here!

Monday, February 01, 2016

Healing in Bull Sharks - Survivor: Ship Shape!

I had to look twice but it is definitely him!
Looks like he's always gonna be unusually skinny - but one year later, everything has healed perfectly and he's as feisty as always! Click for detail - and yes this would be a new camera, so expect plenty more pics!

Is this whole thing amazing or what!

Sunday, January 31, 2016

GWS hunting Strategies - Paper!

Marine Dynamics, serial enabler of good research! Source.

Very nice!

Check this out!
No need to write a synopsis as it is open source and also, because there are really nice ones here and here. Great to see that this is once again brilliant research that has been facilitated by Marine Dynamics, a proud member of Global Shark Diving!

And the take-away message of it all?
What once again strikes me, is how behavior is being mediated by the environment (= climate, geography, habitat but also occurrence and/or migration of prey etc) but also by factors like gender, age and of course, individuality - and this all within one and the same species! 
And yes I'm very much repeating myself!

Incidentally, that's what we very much experience here.
We basically conduct two types of feeding, i.e. by hand and from a suspended wheelie bin - and over the years, we have observed that each feeding modality has created its own Shark tribe, with only extremely few individuals switching from one source to the other. In fact, when we briefly discontinued hand feeding after the passing of Rusi, some of the hand feeders appear to have wandered away, only to slowly start coming back once regular hand feeding was resumed.
Maybe individual Sharks learn a preferred strategy early on and then continue favoring it as long as it works, which would also explain why some of the cage dive operators report that the same individual GWS appear to attack the teaser baits always in the same way.

But of course all is relative.
These are trends and not absolutes, meaning that in all likelihood, behavior happens along a continuum and very likely also evolves as prey wisen up and circumstances changes. Plus, Sharks with wide trophic niches are also likely to dispose of an equally wide array of predation strategies.

But I'm digressing as always.
Great paper, and well done to everybody involved!

Friday, January 29, 2016

World Class Liveaboard Adventures!

Great stuff - and the variety is simply spectacular!

Mike Ball Dive Expeditions are obviously a member of Global Shark Diving, your one stop shop for responsible, safe and long term sustainable Shark diving!


Thursday, January 28, 2016

Tributes to Rusi!

We are all very grateful for this.
Thank you Jayne and Michael for having collected these touching tributes to the great late man.
Please click for detail.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Guadalupe - new Shenanigans!

Oh for crying out loud - again?

This is really very disappointing.
I see at least three breaches of the regulations:
  • 6.13 It is strictly forbidden to offer any bait or to feed great white sharks from inside the cages (= no hang baits attached to the cages, sharks may not eat the bait, and definitely no hand feeding).

  • 6.15 The operator responsible shall terminate the diving practice of any person who allows any part of the body to extend outside the cage or who tries to leave the cage when it is submerged.

  • 6.16 It is strictly forbidden to touch the sharks.
And of course this was in no way some spontaneous occurrence.
This was planned and protracted, as indicated by the different bait (at least one head and one patty) and different divers; and it is equally obvious that some of the crew must have been complicit and as a minimum, provided the ropes and the bait - or may the bait handler and Shark grabber be a crew member and not a customer?

Be it as it may, some arses need kicking! 
Clients are clients, and some of them will always try to push the limits, and promise extra tips for special favors; but reckless crew and possibly even skippers that endanger the clients and harm the investors by jeopardizing the reputation and ultimately, the economic survival of the business need to get fired.

Mind you, just my 2c.
To be continued no doubt!

PS - more thoughts here.
PPS - check out the comment by the owner of the vessel in the comments section!