Saturday, December 20, 2014

Deep Sea Fish - and I mean it!


This is the deepest recorded Fish - so far!
Story, and more videos of weird deep-sea critters here an here.


Friday, December 19, 2014

Shooting Cownose Rays!



How fucking pathetic, and I cite.
Most killing contests are in June, when the rays have returned from the Gulf of Mexico to the Chesapeake to mate and give birth. The biggest rays are pregnant females, and they are the contestants’ prime targets.
“It’s the luck of the draw when a man shoots it and it’s a female: A lot of the times before they get to the scale, the pups are already coming out,” said Bowe. “They try to retain the pups inside to get more weight.”

“They want to kill them while they’re still pregnant,” said Grubbs, the Florida State research biologist. “They’re getting a two for one in their mind,” he said, echoing a sentiment expressed on tournament chat boards.
“I’m a hunter and a fisher,” he added, “and I can tell you, it takes zero skill to kill a cownose ray.”
This is as bad as it gets.
Yes it may be perfectly legal - but ethically, it remains a total abomination. And the propaganda by the apologists is, alas, the direct consequence of the fable about exploding Ray populations that continues to be uncritically parroted by the Shark conservationists.
Populations of Elasmobranchs don't explode, and the habitats in the Chesapeake Bay have not been degraded by the Cownose Rays but by us.

What The Fuck!

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Shark Reef - Transition Time!

Unknown pregnant Bull.

Cool dive!

Looks like this year, everything is happening at the same time!
Normally, the pregnant Bulls leave for pupping in mid-November and come back in mid-December, after which everybody else disappears for some hanky panky, likely to the deeper reaches of the Beqa Passage. Then in January, we got the Running of the Bulls where  we witness plenty of mating scars and ever increasing numbers of Bull Sharks that are particularly ravenous and also appear to be re-establishinging rank, meaning that during January, the action is hot hot hot!

Not this time!
I wasn't here but the staff tell me that instead of the usual 3 to 5, numbers were never below 20. And on yesterday's dive, I witnessed a very late pregnant mama, see at top, whereas the ever toothy Blunt who had been enormously pregnant has obviously given birth and whilst still being impressive, is but a shadow of her former self, see below.

Blunt pregnant, July 2014

Blunt yesterday.

And guess who's already partying like there's no tomorrow!

Whilst being her usual greedy feisty self!

To be continued!

Humpbacks Bubblenet feeding!


Great video!

But the soundtrack... hmmmm...
Anyway, enjoy!

Monday, December 15, 2014

Gold Coast - Bull Shark Alert!

Forget the article.
But that's a real nice picture of Crook - so there!

Mimic Squid - way cool!

Nanomia siphonophore (left) and juvenile Chiroteuthis calyx squid (right). The animals are about 20 to 30 centimeters (8 to 12 inches) long. Image: © 2014 MBARI 

Story here.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Great White Shark Tumor Biopsy!

Top row: Aussie Sam's pics of Santa's tumor. Paper here. Source.

Cool stuff!

Story here.

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Do Maui's Manta Rays need saving?

This is by far the biggest threat facing global Manta Ray populations - source.

No don't worry.

I'm not about to totally blast this and call it a scam.
Mark Deakos is certainly a good man who cares deeply, and the projects he is suggesting are certainly legit.

But of course there has to be a BUT! :)
Assuming that there are only so many people willing to invest only so much money into Mobulid conservation - is that the best way to invest those 75 grand?
Yes those Maui Manta Rays may be inconvenienced and some may even fall victim to accidental entanglements - but nobody is actively trying to kill them, and I really have a very hard time believing that the Hawaiian population is at risk of extinction like asserted, meaning that in reality, they also don't need to be "saved"!
Surely the real problems facing Manta Ray conservation are their continued wholesale persecution in e.g. the Subcontinent and Asia, and the challenge of enforcing local protections but also the CITES regulations in order to curb the totally unsustainable disgrace that is the gill raker trade - or not?
And when it comes to the Mobulids in general, surely the biggest and most urgent conservation challenge is to obtain the population data and the other science that are the prerequisites for a CITES listing of the Mobulas - and oh yes, I'm very much talking to you, slow hand clapping mobula fan!

I say, better send your money to the Manta Trust.
This is really the clearing house for global Manta and Mobula conservation, and Guy Stevens, DaMary, Shawn  & Co are probably best suited for conducting the required triage and directing any funds to where they are most needed - including to Deakos who is one of the project leaders!

Or am I missing something here?

Friday, December 12, 2014

Elasmobranch Field Guides - fucking awesome!

This is just great.
Shark References announces them as follows
New open access field guide of the Western Indian Ocean from Dave Ebert!
The present field guide is designed to assist in the identification of pelagic sharks and rays of the Western Indian Ocean that are major, moderate, or minor importance to fisheries. It encompasses the offshore, high seas portion of FAO  Fishing Area 51
  • FAO_Pelagic Guide-part1  here 
  • FAO_Pelagic Guide-part2  here 
  • FAO_Pelagic Guide-part3  here
  • FAO_Pelagic Guide-part4  here 
  • FAO_Pelagic Guide-part5  here

Clever Buoy - another Scam?

You be the judge of that!

Have you seen this?
Yup that would again be SCAMS SAMS, inventors and breathy promoters of those ludicrous Shark repellent wetsuits. I've gone snooping on their website and more than one year after the breathy announcements, the featured field tests still amount to a staggering n=1! Wow!
But Bear Grylls has worn one, likely in Shark-infested waters, and is still alive - so it must be legit!

And now we got the buoy, and I cite.
The idea for Clever Buoy was the brainchild of advertising agency M&C Saatchi, ranked second on the BRW Most Innovative Companies 2014 list, which decided to take a non-traditional approach to the brief from the telco to promote its ­network coverage.
Instead of creating an ad campaign about the Optus network at work in some far-off corner of the country, the team decided to bring to market a new product that would showcase the network.
“We got the idea of producing something fairly quickly, but that wasn’t innovation, it was just a smart idea, the innovation comes into it when you make it a reality,” M&C Saatchi chief executive and group innovation director Jaimes Leggett says.
Right. A marketing campaign for Optus.
Trust the ever crafty Hamish and Craig to have identified the financial windfall and come up with the usual mix of breathy announcements, crafty marketing, heaps of media exposure and zero proof. Check out this link and like with those wetsuits, you will consequently find zero evidence of rigorous testing let alone conclusive results.

Next, another self-promoting TED talk!
Wanna bet?

Helium Shark!

Pretty cool in a weird way.

Yes this would be CGI.
From what I understand, Thomas Marqué is using this tool - but then again, what do I know.

Anyway, enjoy!

Aaron Moir, Moron!


Looks like I've missed this whilst I was away.

In the big scheme of things, this is nothing newsworthy, just one more jackass doing moronic things, dime-a-dozen - but I'm never-the-less posting it for future reference. And because Aaron and his pals obviously believe that it is somehow cool.
Oh, and: great marketing for Blue Juice Charters!