Monday, April 14, 2014

WA Shark Cull - Recommendations by Riley!

Source - and do watch the video!

Read this.

Totally agree.
Please submit your comment right away as the submission period ends this Wednesday, April 16.
Like Riley, I advocate choosing as it is less rigid than API category B and also more open to scrutiny by the public.

Thank you.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

A tale of two Atolls!

Juvenile Galapagos Shark, by Thomas Peschak. Source.

Great job!

Story here, in depth coverage here.
Which once again goes to prove that it is possible to enjoy excellent Shark media without having to endure the stupid clap trap, gratuitous drama and narcissistic self promotion of those media whores!


Drones - breaching GWS next?


Story here.
Which obviously begs the question, who is gonna regale us with equivalent footage of GWS from places like South Africa!

Eagerly standing by!

Hooking Great Hammerheads?

Is this cool? Source.

Watch this.

David disapproves.
This is an old and extremely thorny debate.
GHH are protected in Florida, but catch-and-release is perfectly legal - but ever since the publication of Austin's paper, we know that the post-release mortality rate is unacceptably high, meaning that anglers should actively endeavor to avoid hooking that particular species which is obviously easier said than done.
This is also the gist of this article in the Huff Post featuring quotes by both Austin and Neil, and where Kim Holland doubles up by asserting that in many cases, we know that even a moderate amount of handling will result in death even if you don't actually see it happen immediately in front of you.

So far so good.
So what about this - posted by the very same people who have published that paper and are lecturing the recreational anglers?

To say it mildly, this is a tricky one.
Do those mortality rates also apply to GHH that are being hooked by researchers - and if so, can David's passionate defense of research really be regarded as a sufficiently convincing blanket justification for angling for this unusually fragile, protected species?
Yes of course research into philopatry is extremely important (and in some aspects, controversial) - but in this specific case, there exist other, way less invasive protocols (and here) that may well yield very similar data!
With that in mind, would it not be appropriate to sacrifice some of the higher resolution and longer battery life of SPOT tags in favor of e.g. PATs that can be set on the fly either underwater of from the boat after the GHH has been teased to the surface?

Tricky tricky - thoughts?

Comments policy.
Read this. Not everybody's opinion is equivalent, and I shall only post cogent arguments about this specific matter, not attempts at engaging in the usual frothy tirades against researchers in general and/or OCEARCH in particular, etc.
My blog my rules!

And the Number is....

VoilĂ !

This is Ozzie Sam's count.
But then he writes, when i pump the contrast I can squeeze 4 more - so there! :)

As to Martin's boisterous announcement - we shall see!

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Shark City - epic!

Click for detail - and marvel!

Huge kudos to Ozzie Sam, especially considering the poor viz!
This is now the clear frontrunner in the ever ongoing Bull Shark wallpaper challenge - and lemme tell 'ya, theoretically, it is possible to one-up it! :)

Which begs the question, how many Bulls are in this frame?
Please answer here and not on FB!

The Huff Post - promoting illegal Shark Rides?

The wealthiest and most curious tourists can dive outside of the cage. No, actually they cannot because it is illegal. Source.

And I cite.
This whole Huffington post article is exactly why these idiots are doing these stupid stunts. They get into the media. They get their 15 minutes of fame. Unfortunately it's those kinds of "experts" that the media relies on, when it comes to covering anything shark related.  How can they quote an "expert", that tells people not to do what they themselves do? Aside from giving hypocritical advice, by giving these guys the publicity they seek, the Huffington post actually promotes the illegal diving outside of cages and riding sharks at Guadalupe.
Bravo Martin!
As to the assertion that it all happened naturally - not so!
This was a meticulously planned trip to Lupe on Chris Wade's Shark Boat with the explicit intention of having both the peroxide whisperette and the trigger happy Ms Werner illegally ride those GWS. There were corporate sponsors, cameramen and photographers, scripts, media plans - the works. The bimbos jumped onto the perplexed Sharks, the media snatched up the videos, the pimps made their money, the plebs gobbled up the pseudo-conservation clap trap.
And the rest is history

This is about when and how the shenanigans started - but at least back then in early 2000, people were aware of the risks and not trying to sugar coat everything with stupid sharkitarian sound bites. 

To be continued no doubt!


Source - click (twice) for detail!

Very witty!
And, there's much more here - some of which is truly epic!


Friday, April 11, 2014

Protect the Shark Sanctuaries in the Pacific!

Bravo Shark Savers!

Please sign the petition - more details here.
And BTW, do you like the picture? Those are our Sharks, and they are fully protected because they live in the SRMR! :)

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Of Sharks and Men - stellar!

Great pic, especially considering the bad viz! Source.

Thank you Jess!

This is really as good as it gets.
Yes of course Shark provisioning will always remain controversial, which is perfectly OK - and of course the Fiji Shark dive is authentic, and then some!

And the title?
Pure happenstance - and no it got nothing to do with David's project.

Vinaka, much appreciated!

Please stand with Guam!


Read this.

I totally support it.
It's about stopping NOAA and especially, those underhanded bastards at WESPAC from undermining the Pacific Shark Sanctuaries and culling the Sharks in the Marianas (and here!).

Please sign the petition.
Thank you.

Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Bremer Canyon - GWS Hotspot?


Now, watch this.
Yes it's old and a tad sensationalistic, but I found it absolutely riveting.
Story here and here, expedition log here, Bremer Canyon here and here!


WA Shark Cull - three more years?

I must say that I'm totally surprised.

I thought this was it.
World on the street had it that the WA gov't had totally underestimated the push back against the Shark cull, and that they were going to silently bow out by not asking for a renewal of the federal exemption beyond this April.

Not so.
It now turns out that they want to extend the cull until 2017, which is simply a travesty - the only "good news" in this total fiasco being that the WA EPA is asking for comments from the public.

So there.
I trust you know where you stand on this - but just in case, a) this policy is a waste of resources as culling has been shown not to work with highly migratory species like Tigers and GWS, b) there are better alternatives to reduce the risk and address the concerns of the public, c) removing apex predators such as those large Sharks can have deleterious consequences for the marine environment (which is likely the only argument that will sway the EPA), d) this is a regional issue as the cull will impact the thriving Shark diving business in SA that shares the same GWS, e) such an indiscriminate killing rampage is an ethical abomination.

Relevant page here, form here.
The comments period is short, ie only til April 16 - and the only question asked is whether they should assess the cull, the answer being YES meaning that you should tick .

As a reminder.
Inform yourself before commenting and refrain from inflammatory language - remember you want them to do something positive, and they will not be amenable to your request if you call them names!

NGOs: guidance please!

PS: SOS recommendations here - they suggest to tick . Not convinced, but they have posted a list of good arguments against the cull. 

Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Californian GWS - no CESA listing?

The whole gamut of the US Shark conservation scene, from absolute scum all the way to Shark conservation royalty, with a sprinkle of con men, all in one picture!
Priceless - and no I'm not telling!

Have you seen this?

U.S. west coast numbers in the 100s?
Number of adult great whites swimming off our Pacific Coast alarmingly low?
If something doesn't change, they could disappear forever?

Absolutely not true.
The NE Pacific GWS population is already sufficiently protected, much larger than previously stated and on the increase. Far from being a crisis, this is actually one of the greatest Shark conservation success stories. Oceana knows that but was apparently trying to use the listing as a subterfuge for shutting down the Californian drift gill net fishery.

Looks like this may now be moot.
The ESA and CESA listing saga is inexorably drawing to an end, and it looks like my revised prediction is about to be confirmed. The California Department of Fish and Wildlife is following the viewpoint of NOAA and is recommending to not list the NE Pacific population of GWS under CESA.
Here's to this finally putting and end to this ignominious chapter of Shark conservation BS and according waste of resources and donor money!
Not impressed - again!

And the Californian drift gillnet fishery?
There's a bill to shut it down, Oceana is still at it, and  Jonathan is still vehemently (a euphemism!) opposed to it. I lack the facts, and the time to properly ascertain them - but from the gut, I'm with Jonathan!

But I'm digressing.
The California Fish and Game Commission will make the final decision about the GWS listing shortly.