Friday, July 26, 2013

Warren - intrepid!

Or is it simply stoicism?

But first things first.
Thanks for this, buddy - much appreciated!

Really, it has been a great pleasure.
Apart from being a much-acclaimed underwater photographer, the father, so to say, of that world-famous parthenogenetic Zebra Shark and a committed marine conservationist, the man is just a genuinely nice person, and meeting him has been a great experience for both the staff and yours truly alike.

And the good things did finally happen, too!
After too many days of absolutely shocking conditions both above and underwater, Warren's super-human patience was finally rewarded with clear skies, calm seas and above all, crystal viz. 

And the Bulls did play.
They are still here in good albeit fickle numbers, meaning that we get 50+ on one day and then less than 20 on the following. We can now clearly identify who is pregnant (Gape is now officially confirmed!), and like every year, the composition is slowly changing away from a predominance of large females to more and more subadults, many of which pesky males.

Meaning that the action was hot hot hot!
Case in point: this video of a rather epic encounter! 
I was on the opposite side when it happened and can attest that whilst bodyguard Tubee was flailing around like crazy with his Shark prod whilst squeaking like Alvin, the man kept his cool and continued to snap away totally unfazed. So bravo to both for having handled the situation more than admirably!
Yes the man is rather intrepid - tho having put him in the really hot seat on his very last dive, I STILL wonder why, exactly, Warren then chose to strip out of his wetsuit, in frigid water, before boarding Predator!
Questions questions!

But I'm digressing as always.
Safe travels - and do come back anytime!


Martin Graf said...

Reading that just brought back good memories. I'm planning on coming back next year with a group during the first 2 weeks of May. Can't wait!!!!

DaShark said...

Cool! :)

And May is a really good month when it comes to weather, viz and numbers!

Lindsay L. Graff said...

such a great video from the "hot seat," good work Warren!

DaShark said...

Nah that wasn't the hot seat Lindsay - that was just some action from in front of the wall at 30m!