Friday, April 11, 2008


I always look forward to reading Patric Douglas' excellent Shark Blog which is always entertaining, informative and sometimes controversial - but this time, all the news are dire.

Starting with Delta Airlines' appalling choice of celebration menue, global Shark Conservation is experiencing a backlash: from the Philippines to Australia to, of all places, Tiger Beach in the Bahamas, the indiscriminate slaughter of Sharks continues unabated, fueled by ignorance, greed and outright stupidity.

Or whatever. Trying to fathom the motives of that "sport" fisherman who found it fit to kill and display a pregnant Tiger Shark simply transcends my empathic faculties.

All very distressing and sad, really.

As to Patric's proposal, it is certainly a daunting task - but considering the appeal of Tiger Beach among diving VIPs and aficionados, not an impossible one.
Will they raise their voice in his support?

We at BAD wish you the very best of Success!