Thursday, July 04, 2013

Fishing in Kiribas!

Compare to this!

Read this.
Yup, it sure looks like it's once again all about the money!

Tuukabu Teroroko denies those allegations.
Now, the Shark Defenders have countered with a post highlighting the official figures. Granted, they are from 2011 - but then again, the much-hailed PIPA has been established five years ago, meaning that even then, people were being led to believe that it was essentially a no-take MPA, whereas even the Wikipedia link appears to indicate that anything beyond 12 nautical miles from those atolls is open for fishing as usual.

And why would the Shark Defenders care?
Maybe because all that purse seining and long lining could imply plenty of, gasp, Shark bycatch - all of which completely accidental, unwanted and actually, inevitable, or whatever?
And if so, where may those Tuna and those totally hypothetical unwanted Sharks be offloaded?

Again, just saying.
All of this is in no way surprising - but we're approaching an anniversary, and it will play a role then!

Keep watching this space!

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