Saturday, May 16, 2020

GHH vs Blacktips - Video!

Same-same but different: this is a huge GHH nailing a Grey Reefie in French Polynesia - source. Remember the paper? Click for detail!

Check this out, amazing.

But, the predation at the end?
Why is that Blacktip so lethargic - maybe because that shoot is staged = because that Shark had been caught and was being used as bait, which would also explain why the drone operator was able to conveniently zoom in before the action unfolded?
Honi qui mal y pense!

Incidentally, note how the Blacktips use the shallow water to escape - paper here, synopsis here.


Basking Sharks!


Wow, wow, wow - that's really all I got to say.

Basking Sharks in Kilkee.
Video courtesy of Chloe Ryan.
This video was posted to show the beauty Kilkee and West Clare on the Wild Atlantic Way.
Together as a collective we promote a place close to all of our hearts both at home and away. A place that many of us once called home.
Thank you Chloe for sharing the video with us.
Keep well and keep safe from the Covid-19 Virus.

Amazing huh.
You can experience those fantastic Basking Sharks by booking a trip with Basking Shark Scotland, a fellow member of GSD.

Friday, May 01, 2020

My Friend Jack.

It is with great sadness that I share the passing of Jack.

There is a page where others will undoubtedly state that he was a great man.
And he certainly was - but he was so much more than that. On top of being the word's greatest Ichthyologist and Fish taxonomist, and phenomenal scientific mentor, he was also humble, self-deprecating, always generous and helpful to others, totally genuine, endowed with unbridled passion and curiosity, and funny as hell.

But above all.
He had a long, wonderful and exciting life filled with countless exhilarating and uplifting encounters, adventures and discoveries in far-away destinations. And from what I could discern, he really was a happy man, with a lovely family, and many lovely and loyal friends.
And ultimately, that is what really counts.

I will miss him greatly and always remember him fondly.

Goodbye Jack.
May you dive endless seas filled with beautiful undescribed Fishes.

Fiji - The Road to Happiness!


We are featured at 41:15ff.
I must say that despite of my initial skepticism, Augusto has ended up delivering. Yes purists will notice some cultural slips, and his depiction of the Fiji Shark Dive is a bit over the top - but he certainly means well and ultimately, that's all that really counts.
And we can officially attest that he's no chicken, either! :)

So there - enjoy!