Wednesday, July 03, 2013

NE-Pacific GWS Population - NOAA Review!


Et voilĂ !

The status review by NOAA is now online.
I didn't make it past the Executive Summary and even there, I simply lack the knowledge for any authoritative analysis - but it sure looks like they have at least addressed the principal possible causes for concern. My take-away message: more than 200 adult females, leading to a total population estimate of males and females across size classes of approx 3,000 - which is even more than the Burgess paper!
The review has been peer-reviewed, making it the best available science.

Let the debate begin!
The question being, are we going to be treated to a rebuttal by the discredited researchers - and what is the California Department of Fish and Wildlife going to decide?

To be continued no doubt!

PS Notice by NOAA here!

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