Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Sharktastic Fiji!

Great job!

A client just gave us this article.
It's by Dubai-based Simone Caprodossi who dove with us in October last year - way too late for substantial Shark numbers but obviously, still good enough for an honorable, and rather extensive mention in last December's Divers for the Environment, the dive magazine of the Emirates!

All I can say is, carissimo, grazie mille!
You can read the article here (Page 29ff of 43), and here are Simone's pictures from Fiji.

BTW - notice anything?
That Bull above SHARKTASTIC features one of those infamous Pseudocaranx that continues to tease us whilst stubbornly eluding capture!  
Pseudocaranx is an antitropical Genus, and Pseudocaranx guru Bill Smith-Vaniz has been salivating for a specimen ever since we first reported its totally unexpected presence here! We only see them in Winter, leading me to speculate that here in Fiji, they may be simply residing in deeper and thus cooler water, and that this is nothing else but P. dentex Or that they may be migrating up from NZ like the Humpbacks and the GWS.
But who knows and likely, who will ever know - or do you know how to safely pluck one off the nose of a big predatory Fish?

Anyway, here's one more, courtesy of Lill.
Click for detail!

And the background?
C'mon you omniscient naturalists and researchers - impress me! :)


SaffronP said...

Napoleon wrasse wallpaper?

DaShark said...

Nah, I said big predatory Fish! - and by that I mean BIG and PREDATORY!

the young bull said...

Epinephelus lanceolatus

DaShark said...


Indeed it is a Giant Grouper - well done!