Friday, October 30, 2015

Lupe: pregnant GWS with Boyfriends?

GWS with boyfriends?

Oh for crying out loud.

Have you seen this?
So Deep Blue has a boyfriend; she and several other GWS that come to Lupe are pregnant; and they are now at danger of being killed by poachers when visiting the nursery grounds. And Mauricio wants to tag them in order to then help protect those nurseries.

How touching. 
If only this was supported by any evidence.
GWS litters have tested positive for multiple paternity = no boyfriend; GWS females at Lupe often feature mating scars = if they're mating they can't be heavily pregnant; Domeier's multiple satellite tracks do not show them coming to Lupe during pregnancy; most other specialists ascribe their girth to their age (like many other Sharks, GWS do bulk up as they get old) and possibly, recent predation = a full tummy. 

Long story short, methinks this is a load of crap.
I say, hombre: how about more real science and less media!
After all those years of countless donations and freebies from the Shark boats, how about finally coming up with some good old-fashioned quid pro quo = some scientific paper describing the movements of those GWS around Lupe?  Wasn't that the purpose of all that industry-sponsored acoustic tagging?

Yeah I know.
Writing papers is fucking boring, whereas all that playing at science = the television cameos, the junkets, the hanging out with the Shark crowd, and being popular on social media is much, much more exciting - but the output so far is thin, and I hear that the patience of the donors is rapidly eroding, as is the scientific relevance. Plus, is it really still satisfying to be used as the provider of permits, only to then play the token Mexican in those productions and in those papers by the gringos?

Just wondering!

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Sustainable Shark Diving!

Looks like yet another initiative is about to be launched!
According to this announcement, the indefatigable Rick will be unveiling his Sustainable Shark Diving project at this year's DEMA show in Orlando. Like I never cease to repeat, I'm a big fan, and this promises to be yet another brilliant undertaking.

Like I said back then, there will have to be industry buy-in.
I ignore the finer details but Rick being Rick, I anticipate that BAD will embrace and promote it enthusiastically - and probably also GSD, at least if I should have it my way.

But first, let's see what's been cooking.
My hope is that the criteria will follow Austin & Co's stellar rating system and if so, this could not have come soon enough!

So kudos buddy - for now! :)
More once I've had a chance to see it - keep watching this space!

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Shark Conservation - Job done?

Yao Ming - Shark saver extraordinaire! Source.

And I cite - proudly posted by Shark Savers.
Ming joined forces with conservation non-profit WildAid to launch a public awareness campaign about the devastating effect this soup is having on the ocean’s wildlife...

The campaign has been a huge success, credited with a 50 to 70 per cent drop in shark harvesting. Even better, recent studies show that 91 per cent of Chinese citizens now support a ban on shark fin soup.

Ming’s not stopping there. Having saved the lives of some 50 million sharks...
Oh well - then let's all go home!
According to the paper, killing those remaining 30 to 50-odd million Sharks (or possibly, based on assumptions, even a lot less - read it!) would more than halve the exploitation rate, allow Shark populations to rebound and thus be sustainable! Plus, it turns out that after all, the Chinese don't like that shit anyway! 

And this is just what Yao Ming and WildAid have achieved!
Add the Shark sanctuaries, the fin bans, the airline boycotts, the management measures and of course the petitions (!) and it becomes blatantly obvious that the problem has been solved!

I say, this is just simply egregious - facts here.
Let's see whether WildAid and Shark Savers have the integrity to post a retraction/correction.

Or not!

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Wednesday, October 21st, 2015!

This is beyond epic.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Duncan - Showreel!

Bravo Duncan.
He may be kinky but he sure knows how to handle a camera - and he obviously understands and above all, respects the animals!



We don't poke, grab, ride or molest - and this is a totally relaxed Shark that doesn't even bother to deploy the nictitating membrane! Click for detail!


The Bulls are pregnant and skittish, and here she comes!
We've known Adi since 2005 when she was a feisty tiny teenager that turned up on one of Michael's first Shark dives in Fiji, see below, and she's been gracing us with sporadic but always memorable visits ever since.

And in the process, she has obviously gotten way bigger.
No, not the whopping 5 meters that are sometimes being reported; but at slightly under 12 feet, she's still of respectable size - and it really does appear that her age and size have finally brought about some Scarface-like gravitas, too! Usually a total wrecking ball and a nightmare to handle, she glided in on her very best behavior, gently took a couple of offerings from Tumbee and elegantly disappeared back into the blue.

So here's to Adi.
May she continue to successfully dodge the hooks, and may she continue to be as gentle and mellow as she was today!

Monday, October 19, 2015


Great pic!
This our cat Rusty - she popped by as a stray, discovered the unlimited supply of Tuna and conquered the dive shop!

Thanks Hope for posting it!

Big Sharks scavenging - Video!

Wow - watch.

What can I say.
When the video came out in August and the usual dipshits started using it as "proof" that Sharks are harmless, I decided to look the other way; but now it turns out that one of those dudes is none other than my pal Allen who managed to overcome his angst and reluctantly hop into the fray. In case you wondered, I would never ever ever ever!
Ils sont fous, ces  Sudafricains - as in batshit crazy! :)

Plus, there is that Bull Shark, see Allen's pic at top.
You can check her out at 0:04 and she sure does not look good!
Over here, such an emaciated, wrinkly animal is usually either sick and/or very old - or more rarely, simply famished after having gone walkabout during the pupping and mating season whereby it usually manages to bulk back up in no time at all.

Anyway, this is pretty epic.
Allen tells me of multiple GWS, a dozen plus Tigers, plus Bulls, Duskies and Blacktips all feeding simultaneously which is in itself totally spectacular. Maybe I haven't been paying attention - but I was under the impression that the only two species reported to scavenge on Cetaceans are GWS and Tigers, and stand accordingly corrected. This sure raises all sorts of interesting questions about inter-specific competition and dominance, etc., and would certainly be great science fodder - any takers?

So congrats buddy, it must have been awesome!
And no - do not try this at home!

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Shark Consciousness, Energy Balls and Quantum Levels - and Spider Beings!

Skip liberally - and be amazed!

Normally I would say, you just can't make this shit up - but obviously you can! Quite frankly, it makes Ritter with his shamanic seminars and the ghastly Veronica Grey with her pineal gland look like bloody dilettantes by comparison!
Crafty crafty - in so many ways!

And now that she says it, it's so blatantly obvious!
All you gotta do in order to prevent those annoying Shark strikes, is to project your energy ball - much like when dealing with disrespectful Spider Beings, present and future, as per the following equally telephatically insightful instruction!

Bingo - that simple!
Having done some researching (that I now frankly very much regret!), I discover a whole universe of globally interconnected brazen con artists and charlatans visionary benefactors conducting seminars and seances about telephatic animal communication - not to be missed and guaranteed to work!

So now you know.
Consider this a personal favor, from me to you.

You're welcome!

Saturday, October 17, 2015

TGIF - Double Crunch!


PS - the original ad has obviously disabled because of the inevitable yada yada - but I've found another link!

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Jimmy, Neil and Al Jazeera - great Shark Media!

Affectionate Sharks? Hmmmm...

And talking of bimbos and Sharks.
Watch this.

This is how you do it!
No drama and undue hype but instead, plenty of science and passion garnished with the right conservation messaging that is being delivered unobtrusively between the lines as opposed the usual tired old unappealing pathos. This is really excellent, highly entertaining and highly informative programming - love not loss, remember?

And bless Jimmy!
His love and passion for his Sharks is just infectious and really quite endearing.

Tho the Tigers and affection thingy, hmmm...
Tricky tricky. I've not been to TB and have never met those specific, highly conditioned individuals. And I totally respect Jimmy for arguably being the world's foremost authority on diving with them, and I also believe him when he states that there's something going on.
Still, from my own, granted much more limited experience, I do consider Tiger Sharks to be highly deceiving.
Yes they certainly appear mellow but the way I see it, they are actually always probing for opportunities and likely to pounce when not properly acknowledged and dominated = what I call a head on a swivel Shark that requires constant supervision and should never be underestimated!
Case in point.

To me, that is typical Tiger.
Yes the situation can usually be defused by reacting assertively, much like that dude did with the attacking Blue - but IMO this is never the less a highly dangerous Shark that should never be taken for granted! But who knows - maybe the TB sharks are somehow different? I say, possibly but not very likely. So, please, don't do that at home - and if you really must, then only with great circumspection and flanked with copious amounts of fishy bribes!

Love love love that feature and once again, big congratulations to everybody that has made it possible!

Monday, October 12, 2015

Shark Diving with Salmon Sharks!



Very cool - and great images!
Alaskasharks here!

Chris Lowe - excellent Article!

And I cite - the link is mine.
The rise in public and media interest is closely related to the increased focus from a wide array of elasmobranch conservation organisations, many of which religiously sound alarm bells, but often without any need or use for the supporting science....

While sounding the alarm is necessary and will always be needed to promote change and conservation, I worry about its effect on how we do science. I see an unfortunate trend where the best way to make our science important and relevant is to focus on ‘the-sky-is-falling’ issues. Of the past 20 elasmobranch-related grant proposals and manuscripts I’ve reviewed, more than 80% have resorted to ‘the sky-is-falling’ statements to justify the importance their research, regardless of whether they offered a concrete remedy. In addition, there are already signs of ‘the-sky-is-falling’ science having the undesired effect of generating hopelessness among the public and, more disturbingly, among legislators. Crying wolf without good cause is weakening managers’ ability to implement adequate strategies.
Absolutely correct!
You must really read this brilliant article by Chris Lowe, the President of the American Elasmobranch Society.
Well said!

And since we're at it.
Think the recent deluge of pics of the aloha chick posing next to big sharks is conservation like she would have you believe?

Think again.
It's nothing more than the same old self-promotion for, gasp, money - and the inevitable tired old image of her riding a GWS, a protected species, is not only not conservation, it is instead evidence of illegal out-of-cage diving and also animal harassment  = really nothing to be proud of!
So much for "don't be fooled by appearances, I'm more than just a pretty face" as per her recent plea. I say, as long as the chick continues to define herself through those stupidities, caveat emptor - and yes I can certainly leave it at that!

And the Sharkette taking some other random galeophobic gal Shark diving?
I wish it were that simple! Every single one of us Shark diving operators does the very same thing on a daily basis, albeit sans the bombastic noise, the self promotion and the media hype! Were that a legit conservation strategy, the decline in Shark populations would have been halted decades ago!
Plus let's never forget that those same tame friendly Tiger Beach denizens remain wild animals that would have no compulsion whatsoever about snacking on some unfortunate Haitian boat people they would chance upon - meaning that using controlled Shark diving as some kind of "proof" against the hazard of Shark strikes is both stupid and totally misleading!

It's like I said quite a while ago.
The fishermen in, say, Indonesia, UAE and even Spain where the slaughter is happening really don't give a shit about those shenanigans but will only stop fishing for Sharks and killing them as bycatch if and when adequate legislation will prevent them from doing so. Case in point: as we speak, a group of generous philanthropic individuals and foundations are anonymously (!) pumping several million dollars into Shark conservation - and guess what: bimbos and Sharks are not a part of the global strategy mix!

But I'm digressing as always.
All I really wanted to say is, read Chris Lowe's excellent article.


PS: Case in point: what is better, the drama about some random galeophobic chick, or this? :)

Friday, October 02, 2015

Whale Shark tourism in Ningaloo - Paper!

The strobe ban is baloney (and should be exchanged for a ban on self-promoting peroxide piranhas) - but other than that, this is excellent. Source - click for detail.

Love love love the paper!
Great to see longterm monitoring much like we do here and has been done by Avi in Cocos! Also great to see that grouper challenge  winner Rob is being mentored by Shark tourism supremos Jessica and Mark. And finally, great to see yet another piece of evidence that when done correctly, Shark tourism does not harm either the animals or their environment!
This is obviously different, meaning that it is high time for the regulator to step in and step up - re-read this!

But I'm digressing.
Very well done!

Enjoy the paper!