Saturday, July 06, 2013

David - Strike Two!

Yes they are toothy - epic pic by Sasha!

Oh for crying out loud!

Hiring that monkey and above all, having the audacity to feature THAT guy was always gonna be a recipe for total disaster - and bingo!

But by all means, don't take my word for it.
Check it out!

Just kidding!
Seriously - totally AWESOME!
This time, however, I'm gonna spare you the back story and the accolades - there's only so much I can come up with in order to describe David Diley's talent and perseverance, and I've pretty much said it all here. Plus, this time, I'm really in no position to be objective anyway.!

Only this.
He's still producing this with close to zero support, and any assistance will be much appreciated - and even if you can't spare a dime, you can help enormously by spreading he word via the social media or even among your friends, Shark lovers and otherwise.
David has written a long post on the subject, so no need to post more details here - and by all means, do leave a comment if you've liked it!.

Applause applause!

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