Thursday, July 25, 2013

Canada - WTF!


Watch this shit.

Just appalling!
Stories here and here.

The Porbeagle has been finally listed on CITES 2.
That listing does not forbid the trade but requires proof of sustainability = proper fisheries management, plus paperwork.

And Canada has opted out.
It joins the ranks of these bastards - whereas even China, the biggest consumer market for Shark fins and opponent of the listing has stated that it WILL abide by the CITES listing!
I take note of the excuses - so does that mean that Canada is to ratify the CITES listing at a later date?

We shall see shall we not!


On_the_rock said...

Mike - sadly nearly all environmental legislation (as well as monitoring) is out the window with our very pro-industry, short-sighted right wing, Harper government. You should see our national Species at Risk Act - marine fish rarely get protected under this act for fear up upsetting fishers. You're right - its shameful. Fortunately the shark movement is growing in Canada so hopefully the public will demand this negligence ends (and we'll get a new government in 2 years.. fingers crossed).

DaShark said...

A Canadian Shark movement?

All I've seen are Rob Stewart and Julie Andersen's self promoting antics but to be fair, I haven't really paid much attention - is there also somebody credible that could act as a respected interlocutor in order to plead the cause of shark conservation with the authorities?