Friday, July 05, 2013

Great White Pup from Turkey - Video!

Normally, we only get to see images like this one - source.

Kudos to the fisherman for letting her go.

I sure hope she makes it.
Alas, she appears exhausted, and the wide open mouth and the dilated and possibly wounded gills (by the trammel net?) are not boding well.
But watch for yourselves.

Heaps of supplemental information here.
Yes it's likely that they have come via South Africa - but according to the latest research, it appears that the isolated population in the Med may have originated from a (single?) female from Australia!

David - over to you! :)

H/T: Cristina. Grazie!

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OfficetoOcean said...

This is very nice to see and I think the whole idea of the Med GWS coming from just one lost shark is really quite wonderous and brilliant.

Let's hope this little girl makes it!

Incidentally, Turkey is showing up a lot lately in shark captures, seems to be a lot of activity in that area in the last few years or conversely, they have now got more access to communicative and photographic devices, anyway, I'm digressing...