Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Shark Ecotourism in Fiji!

Read this.
Nice story that is being re-posted all over the social media.

But notice something?
Yes there is no mention whatsoever of us!
Galoa is our partner village, and it is they who get the lion's share of our marine park levy of FJD 20.00 that is also being used to compensate two other villages, Wainiyabia and Deuba for protecting the Sharks within the Fiji Shark Corridor. And if contrary to our observations, anybody besides us should really be patrolling any reefs, it would be us who have organized and sponsored their fish warden courses.

So thanks for nothing Fiji Times.
Once again, not impressed!


Martin Graf said...

We know and appreciate what you do and that's what counts.

DaShark said...

Thanks Martin - what counts is that we do it, the rest is just fluff.

But it's still a shame when Fiji's biggest newspaper doesn't get its act together.

Tropical Selkie said...

Yeh, what Martin said; and then some!