Saturday, July 05, 2014

Mark - dodging the darn Damnsels!

Case in point! 
And below is a shot from exactly that same perspective - as Blunt barges in, the Damsels obviously move out of the way!

Did you notice - on the ID shot she's equally toothy because contrary to other individuals, that's how she always feeds!

Mark is of course this guy.
We had started talking ever since he correctly identified Valerie and Cristina, and I will always be thankful to him for helping me unravel the complexities of that frontal attack against the Australian GNS. Alas, the situation there is still dire, so keep watching this space!

Anyway, he has finally found the time to cash in.
It just so happens that his visit coincided with Allen's and from what I can discern, the two guys took each others' measure, liked what they saw and had a real blast, as did I. Both are consummate prominent underwater photographers with a predilection for Sharks and wide angle photography - and yet their portfolios could not be more different.

You can admire a first selection of Mark's stellar pictures here.

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