Wednesday, July 09, 2014

WA Shark Cull - great Turnout!

Good point!

Read this.

That's quite impressive, bravo!
Now we'll see whether the postulated silent majority exists, or not - and if they've chosen to remain silent, then they've missed their chance and whatever they think, or not, is henceforth totally irrelevant!

And this shit?
Merely the rant by some anti-liberal lunatic?
I would think, yes, the author comes across as a total moron - but as David correctly remarks, most of the ammunition for the stupid rant stems from the fact that the anti-cull movement has failed to distance itself from its most radical, stupidest and outright craziest elements that have managed to largely hijack the public discourse with their strident extremist vociferating.

Hopefully, it matters not.
Hopefully, the anti-cull submissions have argued with facts and not the usual pathetic platitudes, insults and threats. Talking of which, I must say that I was quite impressed and actually, pleasantly surprised by this submission by the TGSCI - unfortunately terribly late but other than that, a really valiant effort both in content and in style!

Now we wait.
The WA government has so far shown remarkable transparency and it will be interesting to see the breakdown of positions once the results are published - and of course, to find out about the next move by the EPA!

Fingers crossed!

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