Sunday, July 13, 2014

FUN FUN FUN - two!

Titled THE_FAMILY_and_HAMMERHEAD - great education! Source.

Worry not!
This time, I'm not gonna utter the dreaded B-word! :)

So, that horrible woman is coming back.
And she is, obviously, totally unrepentant - as in, you are the company you keep!
Op-ed by David here!

PS - Christie Wilcox (much too politely and intellectually) here!
PPS - David on SFS here!


Anonymous said...

That does look fun!!

Lindsay L. Graff said...

I'm sure the "b-word" you're talking about is "barbaric," and I find it to still be very applicable (among other choice words).

Kat77 said...


This article is completely dishonest at worst, wildly disingenuous at best. And anyone who actually believes that photograph is real needs to have their head examined.

The hammerhead was not listed as endangered in the United States when Rosie O'Donnell's *daughter* caught a fish. The only reason you probably can't/won't be sued for libel is because you made sure to differentiate the IUCN redlist of endangerment-an organization that is constantly subject to its own criticism and an organization in which the VAST majority of Americans are unaware of existing, let alone knowing what's on their list at a given moment. But a good attorney would sue you and Slate for libel anyway with a great case of horribly bad faith representation of facts of a public figure, not to mention the discrepancies in the article and the title.

You-David Schiffman-are not looking to spread information and truth or to help save sharks. You're looking to public flagellate and shame this woman for an action she committed in good faith because she did not personally apologize to YOU. The sense of entitlement here is awe inspiring.

I suggest people unfollow Slate and unfollow this author as well, because he's taking ownership of a moral high ground not rightfully his to claim.

DaShark said...


1. Actually, anybody who does NOT believe that photograph is real needs to have their head examined!

2. An animal is endangered not because somebody puts in on a list but because it is seriously at risk of extinction! -- which most if not all populations of Hammerheads are!

And finally.

3. Killing big charismatic predators (or for the matter, any animal) merely for FUN and braggadocio is ethically appalling - and teaching your kids to do so even more!

jsd said...

Oh dear, Kat77 -- a little out of our intellectual depth, are we?

There's another photo of the dead hammerhead and R O'D and her family posing with it here -

...Another fake, Kat77? Another fake posted by the shark-killing fishing boat captain whose business R O'D endorses? If so, Kat77, don't you think R O'D should be suing Quartiano?

Here's another thought for that fine intellect of yours. You can't have it both ways: either those are fakes photo or there is indeed a dead hammerhead strung up and caught either by R O'D or (according to your claim) her daughter. See if you can grasp that fact. Go and sit in the corner with your teddy bear and try thinking it through from beginning to end (I know, I know, a bit of an effort).

Meanwhile: is Rosie O'Donnell's daughter (who you claim caught the fish, Kat77) the tiny little girl in the photo?

If so, what a splendid and heroic and fun activity this 'sports'-shark-fishing lark must be (killing endangered animals) in the unlikely event that it was indeed this child who landed/killed an animal vastly larger and stronger than herself. What a great way to educate a child: teaching it to kill endangered animals.

So who are you, Kat77? Just another celebrity-obsessed idiot who thinks celebrities can do no wrong, R O'D herself, or a member of her family?

Lancelot fFrench said...

Hey, Kat77:- so you are a RosieO'Donnell groupie!!!
How cute. And how pathetic that you should try to defend the indefensible.

Navy Seaman 3rd Class Igor Igorigorevich, third latrine attendant at the top secret Avosk-Brakoskov Siberian Fleet base said...

Greetings, Comradette Kat77!

Greetings from Siberia!!!

I am Navy Seaman 3rd Class Igor Igorigorevich, third latrine attendant at the top secret Avosk-Brakoskov Siberian Fleet base here in Avosk-Brakoskov in Siberia (Russia -- formally USSR. Before that, Imperial Russia. No - nothing to do with Texas). Look on the map. Start at Moscow and keep going. No, ignore Detroit.

Avosk-Brakoskov is a great place if you like ice. And snow. And yellow snow (see below about the urinals). And blizzards. And as long as the vodka does not freeze. That happened last winter - emergency!!! - and I had to check in to the hospital for intravenous vodka. Close call.

But now is summer and the fun season! The urinals are not frozen so we go tobogganing with the sailors from the amphibious assault vessel Boris Yeltsin!!!!


Latrine Attendant Igor said...


Where was I? Oh yes.

I want to thank you so much very indeed for defending the killing of sharks by children, especially sharks looking at extinction. We should get the children started early on the vodka also!!! Dont listen to the bullies here. There is only one way of treating bullies and Supreme Comrade Csar Commander Putin shows us how:

Treating bullies Russian style!

Notice no one throws Supreme Comrade Csar Commander Putin EVER! Thats because he is 15 Dan in Judo, Taekwondo, Hapslapdo and everything in between!!! Amazing!!! In Russian Olympics Supreme Comrade Csar Commander Putin won gold medal in all weight categories -- and that was just the figure skating. Everyone was worried he would enter the synchronized swimming also. ...OK, so Comrade Peotr Peotrevisky nearly threw Supreme Comrade Csar Commander Putin in 2003. Comrade Peotr very stong man (with big red nose). Won the Aeroflot Baggage Throwing Championships 6 times. Wrestled bears. Pulled attack helicopters out of the sky with his teeth! Almost, almost, almost threw Supreme Comrade Csar Commander Putin. Comrade Peotr was previously Comrade Admiral-General Peotr Peotrevisky in charge of guided missile cruiser Vlad the Impaler. He had 17 gold Rolex watches. 12 Ferraris. 25% share in the Smedrokov Bauxite Mines and owned the McDonalds next door. 34 overseas bank accounts. Previously the proud Comrade Captain Owner of the surface yacht Marilyn Monroe (based in Monaco). 1/5 share in GDP of Venezuela. Almost threw Supreme Comrade Csar Commander Putin in 2003.

Is now my latrine assistant.

Your best friend Igor, Kat77 said...


Where was I? Oh yes.

Killing sharks. We had big problem at the base: no polar bears left to shoot. No crows. No Siberian foxes. No Siberian lynxs. No Siberian tigers. No Siberian rabbits or hares or Siberian anythings. The T-90 battle tank machine gun is just too good. Suddenly our children had nothing to do. :-(

But you see the great white sharks were trying to mate with our Ballerina-Class mini-submarines. Disgusting. And bending the periscopes too. So we decided to kill them, as you do.

Reading about Comrade Collier's secret and new shark attacking systems I ought to explain our non-invasive methods too.

(1) 12-barbed 80cms titanium hooks.
(2) 30m of titanium chains. The kind we use to pull the T-90 battle tanks out of snow drifts, avalanches, glaciers and Afghanistan.
(3) waterproof radio-controlled detonators.
(4) barrel full of missile-grade explosives
(5) Bait. Very important! We use 3: a) rotting cod b) rotting herring c) Comrade Sgt Melikovsky's underpants
(6) remote switch

We could invite Comradette Rosie O'Donnell's daughter the Comradettetina to come white shark tagging with us!!! Great education!!! All she has to do is push the red button when the Claxon sounds for shark on hook!! Good education for a child -- learning to blow things up!!!

I show you great results from last time. Of course being secret non-invasive shark attacking methods, we disguise shark boom! as sonic boom meteor shower! Who knew?!

-- White shark tagging, Russian style.

That sucker wont be messing with our mini-submarines any time soon.

Media Thinks said...

Um, why is DS rehashing a catch story from two years ago?

I thought this was covered then to much Internet teeth gnashing and whatnot.

It was effective and made a fine point at that time - two years ago.

Catch me if I am wrong, but this time he's taking umbrage because R'OD just got tapped for a new TV show.

Begging the question, "does the conservation community get to rehash old (730 day) stories to make further points?"

Put another way, if this story was chum, the stink would have been gone by now.

Big Fan of the Shiffman most times, think this time he's overreaching just a tad, maybe a smidge, perhaps a modicum of media WTF going on here.

From DS Blog:

This incident happened years ago, why are you upset about it now?

"Rosie was recently brought on to be a co-host of the View, a choice made at least partially because one of the last co-hosts to be let go, Jenny McCarthy, had opinions about autism and vaccines squarely on the wrong side of public policy. Rosie clearly has some troubling opinions about the conservation of endangered species, an issue very important to me."

Important enough to find some fresh news stories that have relevance today, surely there's fresh content out there without beating a very fat, unrepentant, and very dead horse?

Or will you Ahab her into a media/conservation thinking submission:

"SLATE Magazine, I set ye a task. Take these media harpoons and two year old images of Rosie with a dead shark. Melt them down. Forge me new weapons that will strike deep and hold fast. But do not douse them in water; they must have a proper baptism. What say ye, all ye men and women of Conservation? Will you give as much blood as shall be needed to temper the steel?"

DaShark said...

That's mouthful of truth.

But then again, it has prompted the comment by third latrine attendant Igor Igorigorevich - and that alone makes this a highly gratifying exercise!

Ahabs Ghost said...

Indeed, also a fan of Igor Igorigorevich's "Treatise on the Simple Man" a delightful tome.

Navy Seaman 3rd Class Igor Igorigorevich said...

Good day Comradette Kat77. This is your new best friend Navy Seaman 3rd Class Igor Igorigorevich, third latrine attendant at the top secret Avosk-Brakoskov Siberian Fleet base in Avosk-Brakoskov in Siberia. How are you today? I am very busy. The nuclear subsurface torpedo vessel Ivan the Terrible is coming into port so I am reinforcing the urinals with extra cement.

I want to thank you so much very for this:

'And anyone who actually believes that photograph is real needs to have their head examined.'

I went to see Comrade Surgeon Doctor Gregor Gregorgregorovich and he said my head is fine. So now I am worried. The internet is a dangerous place if you are innocent and not the only dangerous place. I have been fooled before. For instance when I was on shore leave for some R & R at Ushuaia on the tip of South America. Oh it was not my fault. My hopes were too high! Comrade Cadette Alexis had warned me about any 'women' over 2 metres tall when not in their heels. Comrade Lieutenant Sakarchov warned me about the ones with deep voices and/or beards. But please understand. I had spend 6 months in solitary confinement at the Imperial Russian Ornithological Secret Oil Extraction Observatory Drill Centre observing the almost extinct last surviving colony of the Antarctic Great Beaked Hopper Penguin. Very endangered. And absolutely no way to get a T-90 down there without it falling through the ice. I did not even have survival rations. When I arrived the colony was 180 birds. I was told to feed myself. I only ate one a day (promise!). I was there 6 months. You do the math.

...So anyway, there I was on some backstreet of Ushuaia with my shore leave pay (2,000,000 roubles) burning a hole in my pocket. Funny color lightbulbs on the street. Lots of shadows and suspicious people in shadows. Drunks everywhere. Cold wind howling. Just like Moscow. And I met someone. 'Her' name was Claudette. 'She' was beautiful -- or beautiful to anyone who has spent 6 months looking at penguins. 'She' was tall (2 metres 12 cms). She had a deep strong voice. I took her back to my hotel and everyone in the foyer was sniggering and pointing, like they knew something I didnt. I took 'Claudette' up to my room and, well, one thing to another led. Boy did I get a shock. The worst fright of my life. She WAS a woman.

So anyway I no longer trust my eyes. I have posted some pictures below, Kat77, just for you. Please tell me if they are real or fakes.

(1) Real or Fake?

(2)Real or Fake?

(3) Real or Fake?

(4) Real or Fake?

(5) Real or Fake?

(6)Real or Fake?

(7) Real or Fake?

(8) Real or Fake?

(9) Real or Fake?

Megalobomb said...

You know you have a good blog when the comment threads are just as/even more entertaining than the posts. Kudos to all!

DaShark said...

Hear hear! :)