Tuesday, July 01, 2014

New big Shark on the Block!

Talk about bold - hand feeding from day one!

This is one helluva lady!

When naming her, this is what we considered.
  • big, bold and feisty, see at top.
  • maybe a tad reckless?
  • her assertiveness may get her into trouble with other equally feisty Sharks (oh yes oh yes!).

Behold Lindsay!
This is the third time that Lindsay is leading multiple Broadreach Shark Studies in Fiji, meaning that over those many months, she's become real close with the staff. Case in point: the nomination comes from none other than Rusi, and it has been met with a big round of applause!

But whilst the real lady is actually quite sweet, I can't quite say the same about her namesake. She barged in out of nowhere, was pushy to the max and completely disregarded the etiquette at every turn. But, she's new and will eventually calm down - or else!
But she sure has made an impression!

To be continued no doubt!

1 comment:

Lindsay L. Graff said...

It's quite possible that nothing could mean more to me. What an honor and so much love for you and your wonderful staff.