Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Doubilet and the Goliath Groupers!

Still unmatched - MPO's award-winning image of a GG and the yum-yum Saffron Pimpernel!


Story here, making of here!
But instead of parachuting in Doubilet, they should have hired MPO who lives there and has dived with them for years!

Anyway, enjoy!


jsd said...

Nat Geo seems to be pretty much an Old Boy's Network. Some years ago I sent them in a proposal for a piece on Sharks of the Bahamas. I listed the locations I would go to and offered both to take photos and write the article. I was told by the editor they were saturated with shark stuff and weren't looking for any new shark articles. A year or two later they published a piece called -- wait for it -- Sharks of the Bahamas. And you'll never guess what locations they visited. :-(

MPO said...

Thanks DaShark for your kind comments; very grateful.

JSD - I remember you telling me about your pitch while on our Shearwater shark trip way back when - 2002 - when Tiger Beach was just getting started. I hope all is well. If you're ever in the neighborhood (West Palm, FL), please get in touch.

Very best wishes,


DaShark said...

It's merely quid pro quo Michael - I did of course see this!

Thanks, much appreciated!