Sunday, July 27, 2014

Our Sharks on Facebook!

I can recognize 5, possibly 6 named individuals - can you name them?


Projects Abroad have started to post pics of our Sharks.
The page will be shortly populated by many more pictures of the now 150+ identified Bulls, possibly along with the other species and hopefully with more explanations about their diagnostic features and names.

Anyway, it's a beginning.
Keep watching that page!


ID Expert said...

(1) Bubble Trouble
(2) Emperor Biggles
(3) Miss Bulgy Muscles
(4) The Only Kong
(5) Thug Son of Only Kong
(6) Head-first Harry
(7) Nibbles Kate
(8) Bashful Arthur
(9) Gottfied Wilhelm von Leibniz
(10) Roll of the Die
(11) Scatterer
(12) Napoleon Bone Apart
(13) Elbows The Shover

How many did I get?!
How many did I get?!
...What's my prize?

DaShark said...

GREAT names!
We shall consider them - and that's a promise!

You win... two weeks of diving with us!
Deal? :)

Douglas Seifert, World Editor, DIVE Magazine said...

As the photographer, I can name them all: 1) too far away; 2) too far away too; 3) too far away as well; 4) almost close enough; 5) almost there; 6) acceptably close; 7) gee that's close; 8) maybe too close; 9) shit that's close; 10) this is not happening to me, I am just looking through the viewfinder; 11) close your eyes and think of England; 12) now did I or did I not put the memory card in the camera?; and 13) ah! at last, the decisive moment...

DaShark said...


You forgot the two biggest ones!

A) bloody viz, can't see anything!
B) somebody move that bloody cloud!