Tuesday, July 15, 2014

FUN FUN FUN - three!

From the comments thread.

Navy Seaman 3rd Class Igor Igorigorevich has left a new comment on your post "FUN FUN FUN - two!": 

Good day Comradette Kat77. 
This is your new best friend Navy Seaman 3rd Class Igor Igorigorevich, third latrine attendant at the top secret Avosk-Brakoskov Siberian Fleet base in Avosk-Brakoskov in Siberia. How are you today? I am very busy. The nuclear subsurface torpedo vessel Ivan the Terrible is coming into port so I am reinforcing the urinals with extra cement.

I want to thank you so much very for this:
'And anyone who actually believes that photograph is real needs to have their head examined.'

I went to see Comrade Surgeon Doctor Gregor Gregorgregorovich and he said my head is fine. 
So now I am worried. The internet is a dangerous place if you are innocent and not the only dangerous place. I have been fooled before. For instance when I was on shore leave for some R & R at Ushuaia on the tip of South America. Oh it was not my fault. My hopes were too high! Comrade Cadette Alexis had warned me about any 'women' over 2 metres tall when not in their heels. Comrade Lieutenant Sakarchov warned me about the ones with deep voices and/or beards. But please understand. I had spend 6 months in solitary confinement at the Imperial Russian Ornithological Secret Oil Extraction Observatory Drill Centre observing the almost extinct last surviving colony of the Antarctic Great Beaked Hopper Penguin. Very endangered. And absolutely no way to get a T-90 down there without it falling through the ice. I did not even have survival rations. When I arrived the colony was 180 birds. I was told to feed myself. I only ate one a day (promise!). I was there 6 months. 
You do the math. 

...So anyway, there I was on some backstreet of Ushuaia with my shore leave pay (2,000,000 roubles) burning a hole in my pocket. Funny color lightbulbs on the street. Lots of shadows and suspicious people in shadows. Drunks everywhere. Cold wind howling. Just like Moscow. And I met someone. 'Her' name was Claudette. 'She' was beautiful -- or beautiful to anyone who has spent 6 months looking at penguins. 'She' was tall (2 metres 12 cms). She had a deep strong voice. I took her back to my hotel and everyone in the foyer was sniggering and pointing, like they knew something I didnt. I took 'Claudette' up to my room and, well, one thing to another led. Boy did I get a shock. The worst fright of my life. She WAS a woman.

So anyway I no longer trust my eyes. 
I have posted some pictures below, Kat77, just for you. Please tell me if they are real or fakes.


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