Monday, July 07, 2014

Shark Research Committee - Fundraiser!

Yes, Ralph Collier wants your money.
In exchange, you get some awesome stickers and/or an awesome t-shirt and/or an awesome book that is being highly praised by none other than Dr. Ueber-Charlatan, Chief Scientist (!!!), Global Shark Attack File, Shark Research Institute!
Wow - if that doesn't say it all!

And the stupendifabulous ultra-mega-secret DNA research?
Like I said, nobody lifts Sharks out of the water merely in order to obtain DNA samples - and when the researchers draw blood, they do so in order to investigate other matters! The whole breathy bit about the revolutionary pioneering completely noninvasive procedure that will not require removing a shark from the ocean and exposing it to potential injury that could result in serious health consequences or even death is meant to impress the anti-OCEARCH crowd who have gobbled up the bait hook-line-and-sinker and are busy promoting this nonsense in their circular echo chambers.

Oh and then, I find this.
And this. And this. And this. And this.
Interesting - but he loves Seals, see at top!

Don't be a sucker.
Give your money to reputable researchers - or even better, treat yourself to a Shark dive with a reputable operator!


Megalobomb said...

Knew it, and predicted it!

When a shark expert ends their dormancy and officiously dishes out 'expertise', something funding this way comes...

Ibrahim Abdullah said...

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