Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Fiji - protecting the Mantas and Mobulas!

Disheartening - source.

Bravo Fiji and WWF Pacific!

This is excellent stuff.
Fiji is spearheading efforts to list the Reef Manta, Manta alfredi and the Mobulas under the CMS, this in addition to the Giant, or Pelagic Manta, Manta birostris that was listed in 2011. This is also particularly timely in view of the risk that now that Indonesia is going to (eventually...) shut down the fishery, the trade may seek to source those gill rakers in new markets.
Details here - and here is the announcement of further excellent initiatives to come!

And talking about the Mobulas.
You really gotta check out this article about their deep diving behavior that has led to a unique morphological adaptation of their brain - fascinating stuff!

And incidentally, good to finally see some published research!
Following the breakthrough with the Mantas, the Mobulas are certainly prime candidates for listing under Appendix II at the next CITES CoP - that is, provided that the infamous Mobula fans and the researchers come up with the necessary data like what has been done by DaMary, Christine and many others for their big cousins!

Just sayin' - chop chop!


Tropical Selkie said...

Speaking of the trade in manta and devil ray gills increasing, check out:


Thanks for the update from Fiji; great work, as always!

Ian Campbell said...

Great news, although apparently there's some resistance to the mobulids this week.

DaShark said...

Not surprised - they are the target of several fisheries & thus economically relevant - but more importantly, it is difficult to make the case for them being threatened without proper stock assessments etc!