Wednesday, July 09, 2014

White Teatfish in Fiji - brilliant Reportage!

Bravo Amy E. West!

This is as good as it gets.
Of interest, the bêche-de-mer traders are the very people that fuel the recent massive upsurge in fishing for our coastal Sharks. Whenever there is a moratorium for Sea Cucumbers or local fisheries collapse, they ask their suppliers to go and get them some Shark fins instead.
And yes, don't blame the fishermen - tho it's getting worse by the minute.

This is erudite, comprehensive, insightful.
Required reading!


Tony Abbott said...

I like my Bêche-de-mer on a water cracker with a bottle of Chateau de Camarsac Bordeaux '82.

As for shark fin?

Generally not that tasty when done Asian style, which is why I prefer to shave dried Black Rhino horn on my shark fin, takes the taste to whole new level.

Slightly salty, like tears.

Yes, yes, I know those shaggy haired environmentalists have some issues with this but you only live once, and if you can't live every day like Dionysus did, what's the point?


Andy Abbot PM

DaShark said...

That figures - pompously named third tier Bordeaux for under 10 bucks...

Tony "Ten Buck" Abbot said...

Do you have ANY IDEA what an Australian PM makes a year?

First off, we get paid in Australian dollars.

Second off, it's mostly a figurehead position in the service of big corporate interests.

When I quit this thankless job and move over to the private sector maybe I'll send you a bottle of Romanee Conti 1953 just for allowing me to post here.


Andy Abbot PM

DaShark said...

Methinks we first need to settle our other outstanding wager - hint!

I'm not fussy and will accept any vintage Petrus, Cheval Blanc or Chateau Margaux!