Thursday, July 10, 2014

Pour nos Amis Francophones!

I just got this message. 
Le film Vu sur Terre, Iles Fidji sera diffusé sur France 5 le mardi 12 aout 21h30, le samedi 16 aout 16h10, le 1er septembre 0h30, le 4 septembre 16h30. 
This is a production we're proud of. 
Vu sur Terre is one of the premium programs of Patly Productions, and the Fiji episode explores the daily lives of a surfer, a rugby player and a Shark feeder, our Manasa, or Papa.
This is by no means a film about us, and Shark diving plays only a secondary role - instead, it accompanies Manasa and his son, feeder-in-training Tumbee from Viti Levu to Rukua, Manasa's village on Beqa Island, and from the Shark feeding dives at Shark Reef to the church service where Manasa officiates as pastor and a fire walking ceremony for which the Beqa islanders are famous. 
I haven't yet seen it, but having met the producer Scott Schneider, I am sure that it will be respectful and insightful, with stunning images by cameraman Manu. 

You can watch a short sequence here, by clicking on SEASON 5. 

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