Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Naomi's Nightmares of Nature - Cute!

Great presenter - Naomi Wilkinson!

Bravo BBC - as always!

This is great nature programming. 
In all of its levity, it brings across all the correct messages, foremost of which Rachel Graham's recommendation to relax, observe, enjoy - but don't touch them, don't grab them, don't hug them, don't kiss them! 


Bread and Circus! said...

I am sorry but this woman's message is so 1970's.

Where is the blue paint?


Where is the nudity?


Where is the small minded eco messaging?


Where are the fish hooks?


How is anyone meant to take her seriously?

DaShark said...

C'mon don't be such a party pooper!

The last one is all of the preceding PLUS hooks - that simply MUST count for something!

Bread and Circus2 said...

No it does not.

I want spectacle!

I demand breasts!

I need crayon signage!

(everyone needs crayon signage)

DaShark said...

Breasts huh.

Trust me, that's just a matter of time!