Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Shark Expert from Hawaii!

A 10-foot Galapagos Shark? Right! 
Pic by Terry Lilley.

Terry Lilley is absolutely correct.
As a spearo, he knows that spearfishing does attract Sharks to the coast - and where have I heard that one before?
But is the man a Shark expert as claimed?

Don't get me wrong.
The man is probably a real nice, personable dude who wants to do good - but why does he have to bloviate, let alone educate others about stuff he obviously hasn't got the slightest clue about?
Case in point.

No not the Reef Whitetips - Rambo or Rambette the psycho-Shark, i.e. the horizontally striped species that is apparently an aggressive 10-foot Galapagos Shark that Lilley has been studying for months! Wow!
Opinions - the more as it is unequivocal and easy?

And so it goes...


jsd said...


DaShark said...

Bingo - we got ourselves another Shark expert!

jsd said...

Shark AND reptile expert???

Anonymous said...

Looks like a large blacktip (C.limbatus)

DaShark said...

It sure is!
Not too sure about the "large" though and certainly not 10 feet long!

DaShark said...

Aaaah yes JSD, he appears to be quite a piece of work - nice find!