Monday, December 10, 2012


Sky TV was showing 2012 and it suddenly dawned on me - here I go worrying about some mundane cyclone (and the FMS? Take a wild guess...) and have totally forgotten the Big Bang on December 21!
And I mean, BANG and BIG!
What was I thinking?

(really, gotta see it to believe it!)

I say, this is total bullshit.
I say, no cataclysmic event is going to occur on 21 December 2012: there will be no doomsday and life as we know it will go on as before - inclusive of that of the idiots and charlatans who propagate, and credulous whacks who believe in this shit and who will undoubtedly find yet another slimy way of explaining why they shouldn't be held accountable!
As I said, time is infinite - granite into which to chisel calendars is not!

Wanna bet?

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