Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Mike Heithaus - cool Dude!


Check this out.

Great outreach!
I must say, I like the dude.
Yes he's the Crittercam man and yes, he's obviously nuts (Australian Rules Football - in Florida?) - but haven't we seen that before? :)

The fact is that he's an excellent and prolific researcher.
On top of his research in Shark Bay, he also operates with big predators closer to home as per this Shark River Sizzle Reel - and do read this by Jillian the Shark Girl about what it takes to film that stuff!
And whereas he may come across as being somewhat loud (...), I would put that down to infectious enthusiasm - which is the very stuff that fuels us all!

But check it out for yourself.
Now that's what I call marketing! :)

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