Sunday, December 23, 2012


Somewhat satanic? According to some, most definitely! :)


Yes, this would be post # 1500!
Quite honestly, I really don't know what possessed us to start posting in 2006 - but more puzzlingly, to persevere until today! 
Trust me, like anybody who runs a blog knows all too well, there have been many, many occasions where we've nearly thrown in the towel in utter disgust and frustration - and yet, having managed to survive a grand total of two raptures and one apocalypse, here we are! I guess it's like having an affair with a high maintenance mistress - can't live with her, can't live without her!

But of course it has been loads of fun, too.
And looking back, there sure has been plenty of Evolution, from vocal and passionate Shark conservation activism to advocating a much more nuanced, fact-based, pragmatic and solution-oriented approach - and alas, to a much more cynical view of the state of affairs, this especially when it comes to the "movement" and its various representatives!
Talking of which, this year's recap is once again gonna be interesting, so keep watching this space! :)

And going forward?
For the time being, expect more of the usual topics: marine and Shark conservation, Shark research, industry thoughts and notable Shark media, all interspersed with random and utterly senseless fluff - and yes, with the usual liberal sprinkle of toothy rants, too!
We will also continue to ignore Shark attacks and following a recent decision, we are completely bowing out from acknowledging each and every fad, twist and turn in Global Shark Conservation, especially those frothy petitions and social media excesses that we've long subsumed under the moniker Dolphinization of Shark Conservation. 
Instead, we will selectively pick and choose what we deem worthy of mentioning - either because we support it or more likely, because we hate it!

Long story short?
The show will go on - for now!

Talk tomorrow!

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