Friday, December 14, 2012

Cyclone - Preparations!

New track - more northerly?

Good list here.

What I would add for Fiji is,
Power outages are likely and may last for a long time - and the same applies for water outages.
  • charge your mobile phone and only switch it on (no standby) at predetermined times, ie for 10' at the full hour. No lengthy talanoa! Ideally, get & charge a spare battery.
  • get cash, the ATMs won't be working
  • get spare fuel, the pumps won't be working
  • store a lot of water (= toilets!) - food is not that important!
The forecast calls for a more northerly track.
Whilst better for us down here in Pac Harbour, this means that the North and the West of Viti Levu will be affected more than anticipated.

And there is this.
At this stage, and on its projected track as well as intensity trend, TC Evan should move across the northern parts of Tonga on Saturday and arrive into the Fiji waters later on Sunday 16th December, as a CAT 4 or possibly CAT 5, severe tropical cyclone.

Get prepared!

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