Friday, December 07, 2012

Biggest Shark Sanctuary in the World?

Finally protected - Shortfin Mako, stellar pic by Ozzie Sam!

Bloody excellent news!
After protecting all Sharks but the Shortfin (not the Longfin) Mako in 2006, French Polynesia has just abolished that exception. Not that it really matters: but with slightly less than 5million square kilometers, this may well be the world's largest Shark sanctuary.

Great kudos to everybody involved.
Especially the good people at the Observatoire des Requins de Polynésie that have worked for years to make this happen!

H/T: Johann!

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Shark Defenders said...

Congrats, French Polynesia. If you look at a map of EEZs, we're starting to see large contiguous areas closed to shark fishing.