Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Kon Tiki - absolutely stellar Stuff, then and now!

The original Kon Tiki with a dead Shark on board

I still keep a copy of Kon Tiki that is one of the books that forever turned me into an ocean lover.
For you ignoramuses who are either too young or too forgetful, you can read a synopsis of the expedition here or here. Although based upon a largely flawed theory, this is undoubtedly one of the absolute highlights of human exploration: totally visionary and brave and of course, rather stupid as well. - but such are the real pioneers! And don't forget that this all happened in 1947, with what we would now consider totally inadequate information, technology, navigation and communication!
Epic stuff!

Bloody Vikings - need I say more!

Here's a sharky excerpt from the original movie.
Filmed with a wind-up camera!
Yes those are OWTs and yes those were different times - and how about harpooning that Whale Shark!

And now there is a new movie!

Guaranteed no wind-up cameras - and how about the technology!
Those would be GWs - somewhere offshore and also not very big. None were encountered during the original expedition - but why not, maybe there is a Southern Hemisphere equivalent of the SOFA considering the fact that there are definitely GWS gallivanting about (= lurking!) off the South American coastline.

And talking about technology
Howz this for a collection of awesome CGI FX!


Angelo Villagomez said...

Did you catch the mention of "brown" shark? I've read some reports on Fiji where the author had trouble identifying the name. OWT.

DaShark said...

If I remember correctly, Brown Shark usually refers to Sandbars not OWTs - but at best it's some fisherman slang and probably not good enough for any authoritative ID.