Friday, December 14, 2012

Biggest Shark Sanctuary in the World!

Source: Shark Defenders

Congratulations Pew!

I was sure they would not pull this one off.
Google Luen Thai Cook Islands and you will discover the saga of a huge Chinese fishing conglomerate taking Cooks Islands civil servants on junkets, engaging in exploratory Shark fishing and what have you - a long list of real or alleged shenanigans, and a formidable adversary of any Shark conservation measures.

But better heads have obviously prevailed.
The Cooks have announced their Sanctuary, and together with French Polynesia, American Samoa and Tokelau this is now a huge protected corridor in the SoPac.

And Fiji?
Nada de nada - like, alas, the rest of Melanesia!
And before you ask: no at this stage there is no hope for improvement.

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