Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Mating scars!

Shredded - click for detail!

They're at it again!
The first ladies are turning up with mating scars, meaning that they're currently doing it down deep in Beqa Channel. Consequently, most of the Bulls that pop up are very small young subadults that have very likely not yet reached sexual maturity. 

This one is on the brink as she's rather small.
The scars will heal within the shortest time, at most 10 days - and then the bets are on as to who will get pregnant. And whilst the big Sharks are away, we're being literally swamped by Greys, Black- and Whitetips and even a couple of the elusive Silvertips!

It's really a great time of the year.
The weather is not yet stifling hot, the water already warmer and there's plenty cool stuff happening within the Reserve. And very soon there will be the Running of the Bulls where the big females and the males will swarm the feeding site and things will start to get really, really interesting.

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