Monday, December 31, 2012

Shark eats Shark!

Click for detail!

A GW eating a smaller GW like the story wants us to believe?

Don't think so!
Maybe a Blue (= long pec, heterocercal tail) eating a small species like a Tope?



jsd said...


A while ago I complained to the UK press authority about the sensationalistic garbage that goes for reporting of shark events in so many papers and was informed that you can only complain about reports about humans. So the garbage continues.

DaShark said...


Wouldn't you be the very same expert who boldly stated Hammerhead the last time I asked? :)

HNY buddy!

Sam Cahir said...

Definitely a Blue Shark (Prionace glauca) eating a School Shark (Galeorhinus galeus). School Shark is used along with the Gummy and eaten as the popular fish and chips dish of 'Flake' in Both NZ and here in Aus.

Sam Cahir said...

Seems I'm not alone

DaShark said...


Galeorhinus galeus = Tope! :)