Monday, December 10, 2012

Nani - Birthday Interview!

Bless our Nani - the more as today is her birthday!
I've just found out that she has been interviewed by the FT.

Well what can I say.
YES there are strong indications that Sharks are continuing to be killed indiscriminately throughout Fiji, and that the Shark fin trade continues to flourish. 
But NO I don't think that the recent November Great Fiji Shark Count will be any proof of the above! The above is illustrated by the statistics (likely under-reported) about Fiji's Shark fishing, finning, and Shark fin trade, by observations throughout the Pacific and by local observations right here in Fiji.

But not by the GFSC - at least not quite yet!
Remember, the GFSC is the start of long-term monitoring and only several years worth of data will allow us to detect trends. Short-term, there will be an overriding influence of seasonal factors (e.g. within the SRMR there are always many Bulls in April and very few Bulls in November) and of pure and simple chance, meaning that we cannot really make any authoritative statements at this point in time.

And to be crystal clear.
The GFSC is not part of the current Fiji Shark protection campaign. 
It is an autonomous initiative by the tourism industry, researchers, Government Departments and selected NGOs that specifically does not involve the leadership of the failed Shark Sanctuary campaign.
I'm sure you understand! :)

From what I hear, Government is currently working on a NPoA Sharks. 
We will submit opinions (= that any Shark fishing needs to be sustainable etc) if asked to do so; and we shall share the data in due course, meaning later and only once they are statistically significant.

But not now - not publicly - not in this rather misleading way.
Loud & clear enough for you?

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