Saturday, May 16, 2009

Scarface and Rusi

From Sasha's Blog.

Scarface - ultimate 5.5 m long pet of Rusi and the team of Beqa Adventure Divers.
She was absent for five months from the Shark Reef for birth giving, and finally returned again three weeks ago, right on time for my visit to Beqa Lagoon. I was lucky to be on one of the dives then she appeared in all her glory.
There is something surreal, gravity defying in interaction between The Feeders and this ultimate shark which guests have chance to observe - Rusi barehandedly guiding these monster, crouching and jumping around, and strong mental bond between two can be strongly felt even from the distance.
Scarface always inspecting everyone and everything on each of her visits, everyone on the dive has chance to look into the eyes of these gigantic shark from few centimeters away.

In Sasha's English, "barehandedly" translates into "with his hands - protected by a steel mesh glove"! Promise!

Anyway, this gives me the chance of posting the answer to that question: apart from many other peculiarities, Tiger Sharks have a visible spiracle!
Bet that until now, you haven't noticed!

More about Scarface and her favorite feeder very soon!

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