Thursday, May 14, 2009


Another "cool" pic! Still got no clue who took it!

I'm not finished quite yet.

Whereas Patric writes that he's "done with this thread, for now, until the next image or video comes out. Laid down the gauntlet and no one came to pick it up. So much for all the so called industry leaders out there who demand respect.", I'd like to wrap it up with this post by Richard Theiss on the RTSea Blog.
Richard has established himself as a sort of arbitrator who tries to be impartial, objective and see everything from the helicopter perspective - alas, being so close to the "action", I often try but mostly fail.

This is how my recent ramblings read in polite English.

I have said before, I am a big supporter of safe and responsible shark ecotourism - shark diving, if you will.
But my concept of "safe and responsible" that promotes conservation, works with scientific research, and provides a safe environment for both divers and sharks, is not the same concept as some others in the industry.
Over the past several months, there have been a series of media publicity and community public relations gaffes the net result of which has been to show shark diving to be a haven for reckless thrill-seekers and it is fueling government and community forces to clamp down or place an outright ban on shark ecotourism at some key sites.

As to when the next stupidity will explode, fear not: it will, and pretty soon, too!
I'll try to remember Richard and be polite!

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