Sunday, May 17, 2009

Poking Bull Sharks

How serendipitous.

I was just wondering about how to use this latest fantastic pic by Sasha - and here comes Mr. Fernandez!

Mr. Fernandez decided to poke a Bull Shark, always a real bad idea.
What really puts him up for an honorable mention at the Darwin Awards is that he did so whilst hanging on to a freshly speared grouper. As Shark Diver said, Sharks and Idiots are a real toxic mix. We've blogged about it for the past couple of weeks.

For now, Mr. Fernandez remains in the gene pool - but fear not, he's planning to go back!

But I'm digressing.
All I really wanted, is to showcase Sasha's pic.
Click on it - just amazing!


Gatto999 said...

Incredible shot !...

Ciao from Italy

DaShark said...


fai anche sub o ti limiti alle filastrocche?