Saturday, May 16, 2009

A Kiwi called Paul

Small small wold!

Check out the video.

Nothing really remarkable, just our usual fare - but when researching its provenience, I came across the remarkable story of the recovery of Paul Morris.

Paul got attacked by a Great White whilst kayak fishing (quite a story!) and then spent years trying to overcome the long-term effects of that encounter.
Eventually, he ended up joining two other Shark attack victims on Kiwi presenter Phil Keoghan's reality show "No Opportunity wasted". The goal was to overcome their fear and dive with Sharks. All three of them passed with flying colors.
The host: Beqa Adventure Divers, Fiji.

You can read Paul's account of his Fiji experience here (pics here).
He has since created DivePlanet, a remarkable portal about diving in New Zealand. Interestingly, there's a large section about Rodney and Andrew Fox's research and conservation of Great White Sharks.
He also has a Blog where he posted a piece about dealing with one's fear of Sharks - maybe useful, and he sure would be the right person to ask for advice.

Paul, good on 'ya mate!

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