Tuesday, May 26, 2009

YoSF - Vava'u!

Karen rocks!

She's one of the owners of Dive Vava'u, by far (trust me!) the best Dive and Whale Watch Operator in Tonga and the only Tongan Supporter of the Fiji Shark Conservation and Awareness Project.

The other day, she held a Shark Awareness Presentation in the best bar in Vava'u, Tonga Bob's Cantina. Despite it being low season, she managed to draw out a capacity crowd and the resounding success has motivated her to hold many more such presentations in the future.

Thanks Karen and all the best for the upcoming Whale season!
Yes, Whales are still nothing more than big blundering shipping hazards - but because of what you're doing for the Sharks, I will try and appreciate them just a little bit better!


Wilson said...

Yay Tonga represent! Ironically, while I'm part tongan, I never associated sharks and tonga. For me it was always Fiji, sharks, Dakua etc. Guess I need to visit my home country soon ><

DaShark said...

Guess you should - plenty of pretty (maneating) tahines here!

Vava'u got: Greys, Bulls, Tigers, Zebras, Whitetips, Silkies, Blacktips, Whale Sharks, Makos and maybe even Bronzies and Oceanic Whitetips.
And when it gets cold, there's even Great Whites following the whales to the southern islands.

Not many Sharks left, though - as I'm sure you know, for a self-respecting Tongan, anything and everything is on the menu! And let's face it: compared to sipi, Shark must be a delicacy!

'Ofa Atu!

Wilson said...

Ahhh gotta love those hugh tables they set out when its time to eat at functions...

DaShark said...

Oh haven't we all seen those - and the appetite!

Anonymous said...

Hey MIke

Thanks for the blog, it was a fun night and since then questions from the slideshow have appeared in the quiz night at Matt's.

Looking forward to doing it a few more times during the yacht/whale season....

Lovely Leopard/Zebra shark yesterday..... always nice to see.

Great work from you guys in Fiji for putting together this slideshow, and getting the information out to as many people as possible.

DaShark said...

No thanks to you Karen!

I just realized I forgot at least three species, Great and Scalloped Hammerheads plus Sicklefin Lemons. Any more?