Saturday, May 30, 2009

Change is in the Air

1917 - and very likely pregnant!

Bless the folks of the St. Petersburg Times!

Following the umpteenth killing of a big pregnant mother Shark by some white trash in Florida, they went out to collect the public's reactions and came up with this astonishing and highly welcome article. How cool is that!

Coming on the wake of the launching of the Shark-Free Marina Initiative and the resounding victory of the guys from the Shark Safe Project in Ft. Myers, it appears to signal a shift away from the tired old and deadly preconceptions and towards a more enlightened view of Sharks and their role in the Oceans, at least in that nick of the world.
Finally! Let's hope it lasts!

Wouldn't this be a fantastic opportunity for some smart and forward-thinking politician to step up and promote a pro-Shark agenda? And prove that not all of them are opportunistic bottom-feeders like Gene Ward?

Fingers crossed!


Wilson said...

Curious question: Whats the local govt's stand on shark preservation here in Fiji?

DaShark said...

Actually, it's very pro-Shark!

They've been extremely supportive of our Marine Park, they support the Fiji Shark Conservation and Awareness Project (check out, under "Supporters") and they have really stepped forward when we asked them to train all of our staff who are now officially empowered Fish Wardens.

But it takes a very long time to draft legislation and you know the Fijian tradition of consultation and consensus - meaning endless talanoa on top of Fiji Time!

But we're certainly talking to them and I'm actually quite optimistic.

Shark viewing in Fiji is a multimillion dollar industry and it thrives despite of all the current problems. On top of that, we provide for employment and for lots of income by all the ancillary businesses, from airlines, accommodations and eateries to village tours and handicraft shops.

Government knows that and appears eager to be of assistance.
Fingers crossed!