Sunday, May 31, 2009

The closet Tiger Shark

In my book, Doug Perrine is Shark Royalty.

We met years ago in Fiji where we dived from the same boat but never really talked - until the day he took that epic photo of Scarface nibbling at my housing. Only then did he reveal that he was indeed "The" Doug whose pictures I had been admiring for years.
He's since been back and written what I still consider the best article about Shark Reef and over the years, my admiration of him has continued to grow. Always friendly, soft spoken, respectful and actually, totally self-effacing, he belongs to a small elite of image hunters who pair surprising modesty with unparalleled skills and amazing knowledge and experience. I put him in the same category as Ron Taylor who himself is such a refreshing contrast to all the wannabee yahoos with their big mouths and limited talent!
No wonder all dive operators rave about these guys!

Anyway, when i wrote the previous post, I noticed his amazing article about Greenland Sharks.
Remember my rant about Dirty Jobs? Turns out that Greenland Sharks are nothing like the sluggish stupid smelly monsters they were said to be - instead, at up to seven meters (yes, they are bigger than Great Whites!), they may well be the Tiger Sharks of the high Atlantic!
No, I'm not copy/pasting anything - you got to go read it all and enjoy Doug's talent and wealth of information!

Very very interesting, well researched, well written and garnished with killer images - as he always does!

Kudos Doug - you're the greatest!

PS he has just shot me a message that there is now an "updated version, with several corrections".

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