Sunday, May 24, 2009

I love Science!

Check out the video.

Attenborough or no Attenborough: it's of course bollocks.
There's no proof whatsoever that Darwinius masillae, or Ida, is leading directly to us humans and the hype is quite unwarranted.

Are the creationists gnashing their teeth? Undoubtedly!
What however makes me particularly proud is that the principal critique comes from within the scientific community itself. It's of course highly technical but it also spotlights the fact that the relevant paper was published prematurely and without adequate peer reviewing. Check out this useful synopsis on Wikipedia. Remember the Scientific Method?

This is Science at its best.
Contrary to religion, the conspiracy theories and that other esoteric rubbish where criticism is anathema, it thrives and excels whenever it triggers robust dialogue between proponents and dissenters, like in the present case.
The end result will be a consensus opinion that will very likely place Ida where she belongs, an important, but by no means exhaustive piece of evidence for Darwin's Theory of Evolution, just one, albeit important transitional fossil among many many many others.

Science rocks!
Back to the Sharks.

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