Sunday, May 31, 2009

On sale at dive shops, WHSmiths, Tesco and all good newsagents Wednesday 20 May

That would be the latest issue of DIVE Magazine!

Check out the cover, and you'll see WORLD'S BEST SHARK DIVE, by our friend Douglas David Seifert (yes I know the link is old but it's the best one I can find) - and I think I can also decipher "Fiji"!
Doug was with us in February (sans, believe it or not, his trademark yum-yum yellow wetsuit, for which he has earned my eternal gratitude!) and I'm quite certain that it's a piece about us - and hopefully, he's got something nice to say about what we do!
And killer pics - this I know for a fact!

Alas, snail mail being snail mail, we're only likely to get a copy, if at all, in weeks or months.
I'd be grateful if somebody could copy the article and send us a PDF or preferably, a nice hi-res JPEG. I'd love to write a post about it and above all, about the author!

Vinaka Vakalevu!

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