Monday, May 11, 2009

Track back

Yes that's a diver straddling a Tiger Shark! Very cool - or is it?
No idea who took the pic, found it somewhere on the web

No new topic today.

Instead, I invite you to go and re-read Patric's post about the future of the Shark Diving Industry and especially, the ensuing discussion thread.

Yes it is dominated by the usual suspects, yours truly included.
But it is also highly likely that it is being read and discussed by others in the Industry. It's just a shame that nobody has the guts to come out, own up to what he does and make a useful contribution to what should be a robust dialogue - even anonymously!
My interpretation is that as I suspected all along, those who push the envelope know very well that what they do is stupid and reckless and basically indefensible.

But want it or not, the genie is finally out of the bottle.
In the future, everybody shall be measured by what he takes on board from this, and how - and that in itself is a good thing!

Enjoy the show.


Horizon Charters Guadalupe Cage Diving said...

Found on the net.

That's Exhibit A for why the Bahamas wants this site shut down.

On a side note I spoke with an industry member a while ago. He suggested the problem with the shark diving industry was all the blogging going on about it.

I reminded him of the recent a stunning bad yahoo shark diving videos seen by millions in recent months and the sheer volume of You Tube garbage to boot.

I also reminded him my blog and others amounted to a street sweeper at the tail end of an "elephant parade".

Let's get our collective media heads out of the sand and stop the parade.

DaShark said...

The Industry member got a point of course.

When I got started, diving was a big thing for fearless adventurers and every death was big news.
Today, nobody really cares about that anymore. Accidents of course continue to happen but they get resolved, if at all, in court like it should be.

Shark diving is very very different and any incident down to a little nick to a surfer gets completely blown out of proportion resulting in very negative media for Sharks and the Industry alike.

That's the backdrop against which everybody needs to operate.
As one cannot control the media, it's in everybody's interest to control the situation.
No reckless stupidity on the dive - no negative media. It's really that simple.

Please believe me if I tell you that I'd be perfectly happy if I could just limit myself to blogging about Sharks and our business.
Alas, what those yahoos do impacts us directly as part of the Industry and it then becomes necessary to go out and say something about it.

The way I see it is that if we didn't, we'd become tacit supporters and enablers - and if we didn't do it publicly, we'd just be told to shut the fuck up and mind our own damn business.

Which incidentally, is exactly what we're doing, minding our business.

Horizon Charters Guadalupe Cage Diving said...

In back rooms and telephone lines there's an ugly grumble out there.

Many question motives and others hide behind this fantastical chunk of logic - "those guys are just trying to get more business".

I am done with this thread,for now, until the next image or video comes out.

Laid down the gauntlet and no one came to pick it up. So much for all the so called industry leaders out there who demand respect.

In my book respect comes from getting involved with the animals you profess to love, and the industry that pays your bills - actually contributing something worthwhile to the future.

Legacy stuff.